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/ Beethoven piano trio song weird b-flat major Op.11 "Street song"
-Rachmaninov / piano trio music no. 1 in g minor "trio of sorrow"
-shostacoa Savic and piano trio song No. 2, e-flat minor Op.67

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Violin.: Manabe Yuki / Cello.: okuizumi, Keisuke / Piano.: River Tanaka, Kentaro




2019/6/7 (Fri)

6/7 (Friday) 19:00

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Free seating (General): 4000 Yen
all seats (students): ¥ 2000
(tax included)

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Yoyogi musicasa.


Organizations Overview

, y. Manabe, Sapporo from. 7-year-old started violin. Tokyo University of the arts of music, Faculty of music high school of through, graduated from Tokyo University of the arts. Play jazz, including classic and fascination of improvisation than in high school. While attending University in recent years as Hiroshi MANABE strings string arrangements and recordings, including many movies, COMMERCIALS, and j-pop songs provided to compose film music and drama activities widen that the Studio work.
in addition, St Patricks Day, Hiromi Iwasaki, various artists, such as Fujisawa, live support and live alone own and unit activities also actively engaged in that.

Cello... okuizumi t.,
Sapporo Japan. Graduated from Tokyo Art University music high school, through the College of music trossingen, Germany, in 2007 for two years as a member of the Bavarian State Opera contract to work. 2006 Ministry of Cultural Affairs overseas. Sapporo junior Cello Competition Prize in 1998; In 2004, Viva Hall cello competition. Grow JT ensemble series, Seiji Ozawa, Seiji said Switzerland, International Academy, led by Seiji Ozawa, Seiji Music School Orchestra and Saito Kinen Chamber music study group, Mito Chamber Orchestra, kioi Sinfonietta Tokyo spring sounds Music Festival and take part. In 2009, after returning to Japan, until 2016, Ueno Gakuen University lecturer, is now going solo, orchestral guest principal player, chamber musician, recording activities. So far, Yoshiro Uehara, fumiaki Kawano, Sadao Harada if Savary studied.

Piano... Kawada, Kentaro
was born in Tokyo. Music main graduated from Tokyo University of the arts Art University music school music school graduated Moscow national. Rohm Music Foundation scholarship. 14 junior high school student competition on Kanagawa Music Department # 1 # 1, annual youth Morioka international piano co incurs no. 3, no. 4 annual Tokyo music competition # 3. 15 Rachmaninoff international pianoconcoursfinalist award. As a soloist, played with the Warsaw National Philharmonic, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo City, Kanagawa Philharmonic, Sendai Philharmonic, Osaka Philharmonic, Osaka Symphony Orchestra. Activities in a wide range of music across genres and performers active in the charge hand blowing replacement performance, instruction, such as movies, dramas, cartoons, stage play piano in recent years. Also, operates flexible activities also played with artists such as McEntire, NAOTO, Daichi Miura, House on Leo, Akinori Nakagawa, and cross-genre.


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