"Driving Miss Daisy"


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1948 in summer. Retired from teaching in his lengthy widow Daisy (kusabue Mitsuko), one day while driving nearly caused the accident put the peddle of the son's mother (horibe Keisuke) employs an elderly Black Hawk (Ichimura Masachika) called as her own driver. But a typical Jew, Daisy's former teacher, seems that ru is the driver rich, not temper. Will be cursed with Daisy just refused to continue, and then beaten down called Hawk and work diligently to get in the car. strange and mysterious Daisy
thus began and the Hawk of goes produced by bonds of friendship in a car, eventually nothing irreplaceable. And during the course of 25 years, and my first trip outside New Jersey Hawk, Daisy also and attended with Martin Luther King's dinner. Some head blur started Daisy will live in, had to sell the House which for years. However, subsequent friendship Daisy and Hawk will not change.

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Masachika Ichimura / Mitsuko kusabue / horibe Keisuke


By: Alfred Woolley / Director: Shintaro Mori / translation: ashizawa Midori


2019/6/22 (Sat) 〜2019/7/15 (Mon)

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7/3 (Wednesday) 14:00
7/4 (Thursday) 14:00
7/5 (Friday) 14:00
7/7 (Sunday) 14:00
7/8 (Monday) 14:00
7/10 (Wednesday) 14:00
7/11 (Thursday) 14:00
7/12 (Friday) 14:00
7/13 (Saturday) 14:00
7/14 (Sunday) 14:00

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