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Japan Women creates strong
now Tsukiji, the next morning was really bright and strong case people

Tokyo air raids A woman standing in the ashes "that". She is Japan's first woman sushi shop owner, and Sakae collection dead husband's when women laid the Foundation of Tsukiji ball sushi after standing on the Board himself, and teaches store realizes our 100th anniversary. It is a packed kigusha and warmth with her renowned woman chef

legend, especially in war after World War II, bright, strong had lived through the Japanese bond, given to every generation of the modern story. performing

last year (first series) and last year (the sequel) performances, both with hit the visitors ' record since the theater opened [it-Tsukiji sushi story ~], Is featured in this year's NHK and the legendary woman chef, has become a hot topic "中野里 that" modeled after the story complete. hit the

script supervisor works ?unfair?, by series creator anime ?Lupin 3? Qin Jian Kyoko and participate in the latest most popular screenwriter in the screenplay acne welcome Yuka Okumura, Is the overall Director for the contemporary theatrical play representative, juro sasaura Nobuhiro partner and Mr. Nakano again only by a Director, Atsushi Nakano, Director in charge.

starring 2002 play hero "thing" from the first film and Miss international-Japan representative for several justly Feng Hui, disciple, which subsequently appeared in the sequel to last year's Hiroyuki Watanabe, Yamamoto Kei 1 more comedy duo, is now working as an actor, kazunari MORIWAKI Monkey Rock appeared.

theme song TMNETWORK kinone, the main Visual is Dr. Building of Takatoshi Yamada by continues from the first film.

as a stage collaboration, more 2/16 to the 3/17 stage special limited menu [EIZO ball] [that presence] available at Tsukiji tamazushi Tsukiji district 3, Pre-sale product with special tickets are sold.

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Feng Hui / yu Watanabe Nobuyuki / Yamamoto Kei 1 / MORIWAKI, kazunari / rockery universal beauty / IKKAN / Shin Jiang Yong / Uesugi Utada chicks bud Keigo Kimura / Jun and Ayano / winter Cape seina (Shou team) and Hiromi Ueno (Tsukasa team) and shioji, Makiko / Sasai, sentence / Miyako Miyazaki / OBA, Hiroshi / Kamei Tatsuya / back from Hiroshi / Otomo Kazuki (Shou team) / Onozuka Masato (Tsukasa team) / Masashi Yamazaki / 兼安 愛海 (Shou team) / Yumi Endo (Koji team) / Murata Yuka (Shou team) / Tamura like Jiang (Tsukasa team) / other


Screenplay: Qin Jian Kyoko / screenplay: when some spotty / General Director: Atsushi Nakano / Director: Nobuhiro sasaura


2019/3/7 (Thu) 〜2019/3/10 (Sun)

3/7 (Thursday) 15:00 ★ / 19:00!
3/8 (Friday) 14:00 / 19:00 ★
3/9 (Saturday) 12:00 ★ / 15:30 / 19:00 ★
03 March 10, (Sunday) 12:00! / 16:00 ★

★=Shou team
☆=Tsukasa team

* doors open is starting 30 minutes before.

Ticket Fee

S-seats: 8000 Yen:
A-seats 6000 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

* part becoming W cast. When purchasing Please note 10 minutes.

+ Ticketing Fee


Tsukiji hongan-ji Temple BDSM Hall


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