Mark Boles trilogy reissue Japan tour Executive Committee
Trilogy-33 rdAnniversary-fully reproduce live Japan tour
Mark Boals (mark balls) feat. KellySIMONZ [Tokyo]

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In Japan celebrates MISTHERIA than Italy celebrates Japan's legendary LP had regrettably came to Japan in 1986, mark has transcendent guitaristokellysimon the keyboard, when the 33-year-old former full album not reproduction! in
Tokyo-DAY1-in addition to fully reproduce the trilogy, ~ DAY 2-1984-1995 can deliver Mark's vocals, best selection is absolutely not to be missed legend live!

DAY1 2019-05 / 22/
SET list: "trilogy" fully reproduce and more
DAY2 2019-05-23
SET list:Yngwie1984-1995, best selection and more

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Mark Boles (Mark Boals (Vocal)) Kerry Simon (KellySIMONZ (Guitar)) and mysteria (Mistheria (Keyboards) from VIVALDI METAL PROJECT) KAZ -Kaori Nakamura (Kaz Nakamura (Bass) from BLIND FAITH) / Yosuke Yamada (Yosuke Yamada (Drums) from BLIND FAITH) / arvo ((dancer) from CID UNESCO International da Niscouncil Tokyo ☆ Day 2 special appearance) and rie Kodera ((violin) from NPO Corporation tadpole Club ☆ Day 2 special appearance)


Matsumoto Tomotaka / Tsujii Shawn / Tsujii Vicky


2019/5/22 (Wed) 〜2019/5/23 (Thu)

5/23 (Thursday) 19:00 5/22 (Wednesday) 19:00

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ADV: 7500
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Tokyo Cinema Club


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Mark Boles, trilogy reissue Japan tour Executive Committee


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