Prince ice world in 2019-2020 in YOKOHAMA Brand New Story


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Prince ice world in 2019-2020 to be held in YOKOHAMA Brand New Story
KOSE Shin-Yokohama Skate Center in! about

Petting time
* Served in the flight performance in Yokohama in the link performers directly, flowers, gifts and give you that "exciting sheet 1, exciting sheet 2, SS-seats ' in the sitting customers only and will be limited.
'SA, SB, and S / B seat passengers, for damage/loss at the reception, will be delivered to the performers, so forewarned.

Prince ice world annual flight information and support to everyone.
* Flight, will assume a 30-minute time limit. Condition (for sprue body with sweat after a workout), following performances of performers ready for time may be limited.
* many customers so customers can attend to the flight in the back seat as well our concession relating with each other, join us.
* cast off for photography and video is prohibited. (Bringing the banner, to compel the pose) of other customers, such as by using the
* tripod or passage taking do not take shooting Act of inconvenience to customers. Also ask to take photos and videos, not commercial use.
* signs are prohibited. Please follow the guidance
* venue staff.
* limited time for your cooperation please. You may discontinue Petting time
* above manners is failing. Please be forewarned.

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Prince ice world team/guests: Shizuka Arakawa and Takeshi Honda, kanako Murakami, UNO, Kuma, Keiji Tanaka (27-29 April), Yuki Center (5-3-5 days)



2019/4/27 (Sat) 〜2019/5/5 (Sun)

* Manual for performing
4/28 (Sunday) 11:00 / 15:30
4/29 (Mon. / holiday) 11:00 / 15:30
5/3 (Fri / Mon) 11:00 / 15:30
5/4 (sat-Mon) 11:00 / 15:30

* doors open will begin 45 minutes before.

Ticket Fee

arrival only!
S seats (adults): 10000 Yen-> 9000 Yen!
S seat (children): 5000 Yen-> 4500 Yen!
(all reservation seats / including tax)

* child fares, age 4 to elementary school students.
3 years old free of charge. However, might benefit from your seat will be at an additional cost. Please check the tour section for
* "flight".

+ Ticketing Fee


KOSE Shin-Yokohama Skate Center


* Due to performers, concerts and performances will change you may note that please.
* show in photography and videography are prohibited.

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