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Cyber demonstration form casteth


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ticketing begins: 2/16 (Saturday) 10:00-
-eleven settlements: 2/12 (Tuesday) after winning notification-
reservation validity period:
-credit card: pick up until the day of the performance for eleven settlements can be
: 2/16 (Saturday) 23:59

* Confetti points would be exempt. use
points no points, as well as the non-grant.

"1 application per application only the first available
" 1 application per 2 maximum number of
"application unlimited number of times. However, for single-stage multiple times BlueHost we also (for example comes to an end, three times) lottery work when duplicates are removed and only one application and we will.
"before your registration membership registration (free) required
" application is not served during the reception meal. Please who can afford because we focus access
* deadline just before the reception.
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"purchase after cancellation or change is not.
tickets aimed at "commercial resale is strictly prohibited in any case.

? about tickets please contact
confetti ticket Center 0120-240-540 (reception hours flat, 10:00-18:00)

== == == == == == == == =============

world from war extermination was "perpetual peace" Of the era.
but still live in the social inequalities that human beings are to
world peace and finessed the fix was in.

daae Dr. Hiroyuki-core (tsukinojou)=great genius, built in Japan in "Cyber demonstration form (broadcasted leading gasp) Castel to ' and called
Electronic brain connection performance of dolls of all ages, all the rage!
(* note) are

"casteth' daae particle also found Dr. daae,
electronic sign at the moment analysis, decomposition and reconstruction to send and receive
mobile phone type and derevon, inhabitants in the commonly known as "Deh" by
"Deh" hyper-critical features and 4 D printer daae particle multiplied together
real world entity has come " Friends of mankind "is! to manifestations and causative "casteth'
"Deh", who is called
" directing master (ennshutsushi), was in one of the occupation of the Japanese heart-throb.

energy of youth, Nippori (higure) Idris is now
for children around the dead when Castel to EXPO took his mother,
"casteth'" Directed by ' the poor
House held strong admiration for expensive "Deh" not buy "Deh",
broken waste disposal site in
" Deh "of the parts collection and different to remodel and resell on the market everyday. in

so much one day, as usual from the sky fall has lots of "waste Deh"
barely system maneuver to "break of Deh" discover,
Managed to manifest the "Castel to Lucius' incarnated in the home repair and remodeling home,
together a beautiful youth. forgot not named

Ruki fragile young man with the hot passion of "Castel to' with tattered
align the power,
this era's strongest We aim at 'directing master'.

circuit you forget there's! Neo steam punk Apocalypse!

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Simisuasna / and k brilliance / Misawa Yamamoto Yusuke / Qinghai Aki (over the reticule Tokyo seat) / Sagawa Taiki / Suzuki Haruka Kenta / one-torrent Dragon / Hiraoka shimanami / Tamura Jo Jo / Shoji Masato / God and woman God Kyung / Ueno Yumi / Sasai males or Kondo large rare / ohnuki / Daigo SAE Takahiro Fujishiro Rami nagumo Yuki / kiuchi sea beauty / peach flowers / Miyashita truth / Hayama kanako child / mizukawa Hua Nana / gaana / akieda Asuka / microspike Orchid Torii Hibiki Otowa-friendly beauty child / Ayako Kuroda / 50 storm Keisuke


Writer / Director: Yasuhiro akahoshi Yu (reticule Tokyo seat) / producer: Watanabe Keiichi, Masuno Mitsuharu (over Monogatari) / planning / production: reticule Tokyo


2019/4/24 (Wed) 〜2019/4/28 (Sun)

03 月 23 日 (Wednesday) 19:00
03 月 25 日 (Thursday) 13: 00 ◆ / 19:00 [
03 月 26 日 (Friday) 13: 00 ◆ / 19:00 [
03 月 27 日 (Saturday) 13:00 ◆ / 18 : 00 ◆
4/28 (Sunday) 12:00 ◆ / 16:00

◆: after live stock. Learn more official HP . curtain time is
* registration starts, the lobby doors open one hour before the theater doors open 30 minutes before is.
* show hours will be in all two hours. (1/27/2019)

Ticket Fee

Premium S-seats: 7000 yen (single-column-2-row seat, with benefits) (all reservation seats / including tax)

★ award contents ★
NFR autograph 2 L bromide + NFR premium toy
( Specified during the reservation cast autographed for sale 2 L size bromide and performances each different bromide)
* S seat, premium benefits will, on the day of pick-up at the reception desk.
* premium s: reward and casts the specified at time of booking. It is possible to specify a different one if you book 2-1 when the cast. Please note that cannot be changed would cast
after booking.

+ Ticketing Fee


Shinjuku Mura LIVE


* May be changed due to the cast. If you can not guide you to the seats designated for visitors wishing to
* start after.
* This buyback, is out of service.

and other performance considerations official HP .

Organizations Overview

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Reticule Tokyo seat

2012, raising an army. Theatre company active mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. mawashi

high speed, lines and distinctive tempo,
and report x large Flash x harmony clothes x singing based on aesthetic cosmetic
x dancing x only plays " Absolute Polar Star ' a stage entertainment theatre.

★ music is more messed up revelry L entertainment performing
★ songs less serious, a chic D entertainment performing
★ belonging to the protean N entertainment performing

each theme has one or more of the three.
2019 currently record the attendance near 1 repertoire 2000 name.


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