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Discovered at the 50-year-old establishment boasts a diverse repertoire from classical to creation Tokyo City Ballet 3 title delivers all at once. 2 piece inside, Tomohiro choreography "Synapse", Kobayashi Hiroshi 1. choreography "Without Words" is well motivated both to brush up the rebuilding. And we re choreography was staged immediately after our founding Artistic Director of Adachi Etsuko, "" sleeping beauty"marriage of Princess Aurora from". Please stay tuned.

?... " Synapse '
choreography inside Tomohiro
music: H. J. Haydn 'String Quartet No. 77 "Emperor" 2nd movement"more in: Yamaguchi Tomoko Okamura Hiroshi beauty

Ballet MI stress Production: Makiko Sugiura costume ALE unoa

?... " Without Words '
choreography: Kobayashi Hiroshi 1.
music: G. Mahler "Symphony 5 fourth movement Adagietto" etc in: Wakabayashi Miwa

Ballet MI stress Arrangement, costume design and production:Stage Box

?... " Sleeping beauty ' from the Princess married
again choreographed Adachi Etsuko
leadership: Larissa rejunina
music P. I. Tchaikovsky
Kato h.
costume design: oguri vegetables kayoko
production workshop: Ballet MI stress no-POO

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"Synapse": Hiromi Oka (both days), Fukuda Kenta (3/2), Kim of Sejong (3 of 3) / "Without Words": Ueda ear konoka (both days), Ishiguro goodness (two days) and "sleeping beauty" from love Megumi Shimizu: marriage of Princess Aurora (Princess Aurora (3 / 2)), Jun Saito (Princess Aurora (3/3)), Kim of Sejong (Desiree Prince (3/2)), Ryo yoshidome (Desiree Prince (3 of 3))


"Synapse": inside Tomohiro (choreographer): Kobayashi Hiroshi 1 (choreography) / / "Without Words" "sleeping beauty" from marriage of Princess Aurora: Etsuko Adachi (re choreography), Larissa rejunina (guidance).


2019/3/2 (Sat) 〜2019/3/3 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
3/2 (Saturday) 17:00
3/3 (Sunday) 14:00
each 10 to 12 people total 22 persons

Approximate running time two hours (during a break and)

* opening is the start 30 minutes before.

Ticket Fee

22 only! S seat ¥ 5000-> 3900 Yen and 2400 P get! (2/28 18:00 20 pm update)
+ Ticketing Fee


Higher tiara Hall


※ Productions and performers would be changed. We will not refund tickets that accompanies it. use
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