The law of gravity and norihide meeting 006


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Ile de la Cit? (taro cammurimono) Yamamoto Yoshinori heavy
Ad (mostly) Yamamoto norihide
Ad (of the police) Yamamoto 則俊

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Ile de la Cit? (yamabushi) Yamamoto norihide
Ad (mostly) Yamamoto Rin taro
Ad (taro cammurimono) Yamamoto Yoshinori heavy


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understanding and ease of use, friendliness to the motto seriously want to convey appeal of kyogen and began. 6 this is "cheated! "And we will send the theme says. told from the master coming called Metropolitan Uncle trying to please

renga meeting of taro cammurimono. Has been called.... My husband thought intends to present the snail's granduncle. Taro cammurimono brought us.... Both taro becomes a key song is.

trick is a psychological drama wrapped in laughter, folly and weakness of the human mind, to deliver. Applies to modern society, the little imagination to work, if you notice, should you have fun.

Friday night. Enjoy the rich time between work and dinner please drop in weight law, law of the traditional performing arts.

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Yamamoto Yoshinori heavy Yamamoto norihide Yamamoto 則俊 / Yamamoto Rin taro



2019/3/15 (Fri)

3/15 (Friday) 19:00 (approx. 20:45)

* opening is the starting 45 minutes before.

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S-seats: 5000 Yen:
A-seats 4000 Yen:
B seats 3000 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

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