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Housing in snakes. On all floors with divorce on the first floor escaped snake. Chasing a snake, going up the apartment. Which floor or 別re話. Snakes and 別re話. Out and scaring you. Ease off can't view other story as long as it is not.

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Nozomu Kato m. (darkness and rising theater), Mr. Chrysalis / Hattori Anna Kawaguchi known summer Hirose court musicians / stone/Nanae Mimura Mio / kawahito early t. (bad acting) and Kawahara IKUE / when is Tamaki / nakabayashi MISA / 藤口 Keisuke (Kudo colors), etc.


Written and directed by:: 笠浦 static flowers


2019/2/27 (Wed) 〜2019/3/3 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
2/27 (Wednesday) 19:30
2/28 (Thursday) 19:30
3/1 (Friday) 19:30
each five or six names 16
* doors will start 30 minutes before

Ticket Fee

only 16 members! 3000 yen (all seats reserved, tax incl.)-> 2300 Yen and 1000 P get! (2/26 19:00 15 pm update)
+ Ticketing Fee


Saint Maur Studios


* Please refrain from visiting preschool children. You may not too
* start time, at all times.

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