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you. Burn! based on theatrical experience of students associated with
love! Creative works, crowded with song, dance, tap, nichibu, rollicking mashima the omnibus! 
founded dissolved! Revival impossible! "Love Love Love22"! Explosion of love not settled until after the... I was!

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Kushima y. Umezawa Takashi sense child oura chicks] / Sasaki KONOMI and Ikuta Yoshiaki Yuki Ishida Natsumi / large Maya Nishikawa and beauty come Omori / Hiroaki Okamoto / Onaga tree / kamogashira Kei, and Kinoshita Falcon Daisuke / Komori Japanese Quaternary / forest Tomokazu / hishinuma Naoto / Hidaka Takako / minowa vegetables ear River / Akane Yamaguchi / Yamamoto Masashi Tanaka


Concept, direction: Kensuke yokouchi


2019/2/10 (Sun) 〜2019/2/17 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
2/12 (Tuesday) 19:00
2/13 (Wednesday) 19:00
2/14 (Thursday) 19:00
2/15 (Friday) 19:00
2/16 (Saturday) 13:00
each 3 or 4 names 16

* doors open is starting 30 minutes before.

Ticket Fee

only 16 members! 3000 yen (all seats reserved, numbered and including tax)-> 2300 Yen and 1500 P get! (2/14 17:00 15 pm update)
+ Ticketing Fee


Sumida Park Studios (warehouse)


* On the day of the concert begins 60 minutes ago visitors order tickets please.
* preschool children will not be admitted.

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