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you got the concept from ecchu Yao recreation
Toyama Prefecture "owara Kaze basin" in 14 works staged by the France Recreation in the form in the style of dance and theatre. What's "stories from the women spring followed winter gradually". Kimono 14 women welcomes you. Please stay tuned.

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Yuko Sato (Setagaya silk) and Takei noble unread (Setagaya silk) Ishii fiber Ueda Marika maiko / OTAKE Coco (□, Cook / yutosatri. ) And Ohara's wealth (UTO Satori. ) Is Sasaki real tertiary Araya Nanami / Nakahara Yuri incense / Hirai Junko / Horiuchi MoE (kirigs) / Makino bookmark Nana / Palace / persimmon leaves?, Yuri


Concept / direction / choreography: Horikawa flame (Setagaya silk)


2019/2/16 (Sat) 〜2019/2/17 (Sun)

2/16 (Saturday) 19:00
2/17 (Sunday) 11:30 / 16:00
* opening is the concert begins 20 minutes before

Ticket Fee

14 only! 3200 yen (all seats reserved, tax incl.)-> 2500 Yen and 300 P get!
+ Ticketing Fee


The YCC Yokohama creative City Center 3F event space


2/16 (Saturday) 19:00
2/17 (Sunday) 11:30 / 16:00
4-5 gauge 14 name

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