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/ tears of inevitable masterpiece is born! /
> history is coming back! a story called the great reputation throughout the
, tears and laughter.
further power-ups, finally staged decisions at Meiji-za!

starring's 梅雀 Nakamura Mao Daichi, "Japan's best comedienne" and a wide range of role played into my soft flexible. ikettes worked directing LaSalle Ishii and active in the various fields, and acclaimed as a Director is the atmosphere of the original created by
actor, etsushi Toyokawa, screenwriter and character actor as having ponds tetsuhiro Tanaka is in charge. should be interesting I would join
calculation and gave Director of human drama and lilting lines, distinctive character played by gorgeous cast there, if not don't!
audiences all laugh and cheerful live tomorrow, don't miss the birth of a funny couple's strongest!


Nikki is always beside you so go, go with
The story's early Showa era. In Osaka Nagaya adjacent Nobuko (Mao Daichi) and Nobuo (梅雀 Nakamura) are always together since I was born. Her beautifully developed and uninspiring Nobuo "Nobu" Combi was a popular person in the tenement house. After World War II, and the couple became two people. Nobuko worked day and night, struggling to take care of the children and my mother-in-law is Nobuo slept for steady and unsteady. Her repeated and Nobuo a big fight. But this fight is like the Hellsing surface interesting and reputation, finally performing arts productions in Scouting!
war, poverty, high economic growth, TVs golden age, the comedy boom. The kaleidoscopic Showa era to support her husband, to support my family, go forward and to her. Nobuo and two couple steps in, is the future of the journey of laughter and tears?

good ol'... Do not say! And meet the new Showa modern lol comedy, popular and ripe, appeared in the Meiji-za!

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Daichi Mao / while murakawa 梅雀? more than Murakami Shoji / Takeuchi Miyako / Uesugi Shozo / nozoe Yoshihiro / Fukumoto Shinichi / hironaka hemp Quaternary / unread Sha of the Mayo / / South sho / Yoshizawa Kyoko / Taisho Tsukasa Hanae


Story: Toyokawa etsushi / screenplay: Ikeda tetsuhiro / Director: Lasalle Ishii


2019/2/8 (Fri) 〜2019/2/17 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
2/8 (Friday) 17:00
2/11 (Mon, holiday) 17:00
2/15 (Friday) 17:00
each 2 to 4 people total 8

* doors open 45 minutes before start of;

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only eight! B seat ¥ 6000-> confetti special price! (ticket purchase page! ) and 3200 P get! (2/7 at 17:00 20 pm update)
+ Ticketing Fee


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* 6 years or more is paid and under-5 children please's will be sold at meijiza theater ticket Center and meijiza theater ticket office

* wheelchair spaces

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