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Meiji era at the end of Yanaka village, issuing from the ashio copper mine mineral pollution, polluted water, farmland, farmers suffer from disease and poverty. Becomes aggravated in the shinden Sachi women's Liberation activist Fukuda Hideko under live-in help to be heading to Tokyo. Shozo Tanaka in the country complain of ashio copper mine closed was introduced to Sachi Eiko. However, Sachi, had ordered authorities to 密偵 Fukuda House inside.

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Kashiyama Fumie / Morita Sakiko / itou, t. and Yoshida Masao / other


By: ikehata shunsaku, Judy Rui, ikumi tanno


2019/2/14 (Thu) 〜2019/2/25 (Mon)

* Instructions for performing
2/23 (Saturday) 13:30
2/24 (Sunday) 13:30 ★
4-10 14

★ after the concert Backstage is
* doors open 30 minutes concert before

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14 only! General 6300 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)-> 5000 Yen and 3500 P get! (2/20 at 19:00 15 pm update)
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