"New ear" Polo spring, 24, Festival


Performance content

◆ first night ◆
5/17 (Friday) 19:00: concert begins 18:00 30 doors open
Matsudaira Takashi (br) x Nakagawa Kenji 1 (pf)-Enoch Arden-

No. 1 of
Robert Schumann: poems Op.30

geibel three -Rossini: Stabat mater with boys
than REITs Op.40 in Spain date man

-the smell violets
more mothers dream

romance and ballad No. 1 vol Op.45 man treasure hunt,

REIT and the song No. 4 vol Op.96
-night songs

No. 2 of
Richard Strauss:
Enoch Arden
(A, Tennyson made / Harada munenori translation) of the order of the recitation with piano

[second night [
5/18 (Saturday) 16:00: concert begins 15:00 30 doors open
Komachi Midori (vn) x: Yumiko (pf) to Delius-

No. 1 of
Frederick Delius:
la-Calinda (arr.: Komachi, AOI)

Dave Grusin:
New Hampshire Hornpipe-from the movie "Twilight" ~

Delius: Sonata op. post

violin and piano Macmillan
No. 2 of
A different world (Japan Premiere)

Delius: Benjamin Britten for
violin and Piano Sonata No. 3-

violin and piano for works 6th

◆ third night [
5/19 (Sunday) 16:00: concert begins 15:00 30 doors open
Terashima rikuya listen vol.5-piano solo "Fantastic" ~

Piano Sonata No. 14, sharp c minor op.27-2 'Moonlight'

Schumann: Yoshio hachimura
fantasy pieces op.12

Amaryllis of fantastic

Piano Sonata No. 18 in g major op.78 D.894 "fantasy"

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First night: Matsudaira Takashi (baritone), Kenichi Nakagawa (piano) / the second night: Komachi Midori (violin),: Yumiko (piano) and third night: rikuya Terashima (piano)



2019/5/17 (Fri) 〜2019/5/19 (Sun)

1 at night 5/17 (Friday) open 18:30 / start 19:00
No. 2 night 5/18 (Saturday) open 15:30 and start 16:00 ?will number close "
No. 3 night 5/19 (Sunday) open 15:30 / start 16:00 0 ?will number close "

Ticket Fee

[All seats reserved, tax included / drink]
each night: 5000 Yen
overnight and 2 night pass: 9000 Yen
night-3 night pass: 9000 Yen
2 night, 3 night pass: 9, 000 yen
all night pass: choose 2 night 13500 Yen

* 2 night ticket if you like.

+ Ticketing Fee


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