Seaspray factory No. 2 time this concert
"Indigo l.h.' ~ aoshashin ~ ★ day voucher


Performance content

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and the House plays the piano boy had. Beside the old
boys stopped playing the piano I suddenly ask the old woman

woman "How did you do? "
boy". I become a pianist]

competition results with his depressed boy is an old woman to talk

it's a photographer and painter, And the country became the model for two works of beautiful women's stories

once-thriving art is
in the civil war was
power was failing, but two artists had been creating works still hard to

dream to give up boys fall two men believe in yourself during tumultuous times and carried out what we do?

This is [paint choice and the future] story

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Yazawa ryoma and Hiroyuki kounakabaru (Studio Life) and Saeko Matsumoto Katori, Marina Village violet / ozone Akio (seasprayfactory) / Sachiko Nagata (seasprayfactory) / Manaka bettors when ishigami Takuya / /] under sail / Yamamoto true dreams / Added $ $ $ 1000 Pocket / Ayabe Lisa / ayaka OTA / toshihide Tsuchiya (Tan Club) / Shunsuke Akiyama / Endo, Shohei and KASHIWAGI Miki / katsuki Lotus / Nakano step / EBA / dammed Takeshi


Writer-Director: Yoshiharu righteousness Samurai


2019/1/17 (Thu) 〜2019/1/20 (Sun)

1/17 (Thursday) 19:30!
1/18 (Friday) 14:00 ★ / 19:30
1/19 (Saturday) 14:00 / 18:30
1/20 (Sunday) 12:00 / 16:00
☆ curtain call shoot OK ★ == talk show

* registration starts, starting 45 minutes before the entrance to the theatre is starting 30 minutes before.
* duration is scheduled one hour and 30 minutes.

Ticket Fee

arrival only! advance tickets: ¥ 5,500 → [specify seat voucher] 4500 Yen! (tax included)

[specify seat voucher]
* day, starting 45 minutes ago reception with reserved-seat ticket and exchange for sure. If you are
-seats. Please be forewarned.
+ Ticketing Fee


Theater green BIG TREE THEATER


* May our delaying the concert aims to begin with the
* time preschool children, but depending on circumstances. Please be forewarned.
* stand flowers and flower arrangements of space-related stations not permitted.

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