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"Madama Butterfly"


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Two-Act Opera "Madama Butterfly" Giacomo, Puccini
Madama Butterfly / Giacomo PUCCINI
all q Italy staged / Japan language and subtitled in English]
<. on the fate of the butterfly, pierced love br />
to Opera surrounded by tears.

Meiji Nagasaki was accompanied by the stage name aria in "one fine day", such as rich melody, Madama is a popular work loved all over the world. will be a special Opera
however, beyond just a tragedy for the Japanese. draw did not see Japan to
in fact Puccini "Japan" is for us real and can't not marvel at its insight and imagination. Kuriyama t. Director
more new national theatre is fraught with sharp and deeply feel the shadows down the relations between Nations. It is a name directing
many times even obtained a new awareness. Yasuko SATO's

This butterfly's play. performing
Florence, Bologna and Seattle and all over the world, she said that one of the butterfly's singing today represent the book. the first challenge to
Pinkerton avail in a neat sweet voice now indispensable in leading opera American tenor, Stephen Costello. Naval officer falls in love with
butterfly's is just perfect. Italy experienced a
commanding virtuoso, Donato renzetti at the new national theatre debut. or

[Act 1] Meiji Nagasaki. Local wife 娶rou while in Japan, the United States naval officer Pinkerton, broker Goro and advise a new House, introduced to the employee. Pinkerton and could destroy any they brag both marriage and home. Brides anxiously waiting to get married to know the American Consul Sharpless, Pinkerton frivolity to worry about. The bride procession came the beautiful bride, butterfly. Butterfly's happy talk about my world happy is a 15-year-old. To commit Hara-Kiri my father was born in a wealthy Samurai family died, and now is living as a Geisha. Butterfly's uncle monk Bonzo, converted to Christianity during the wedding ceremony is a modest, insulation is given. End expressions are the two sweet night. returning to America are

[Act 2] three years. Go back to when the Robin makes a nest of Word for butterfly, it is waiting for his return. Sharpless and Goro to remarry, but refuses the butterfly's. It is between Pinkerton and the child had been born. Sharpless after Pinkerton did a true marriage in the United States know no words. And finally Pinkerton's ship enters port. Even if leaving until when San and Suzuki met in the flower room, awaiting the arrival of her husband, but never shows up. On the recommendation of the Suzuki Butterfly resting in the back room and visit Pinkerton and Sharpless, Pinkerton's wife Kate. Ante knew the butterfly's bass response by Pinkerton, and go away. Accept San woke up watching Kate all the kids want to grow in the United States that Kate's words. Words carved on her father's dagger "one can't live with honor, die with honor" San decided the kids goodbye, committed suicide. "Butterfly's! "With Pinkerton shout voice sounds vain.

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Madama Butterfly: Yasuko SATO / Pinkerton: Stephen Costello and Sharpless: sudo, Shogo Suzuki: Makiko Yamashita / / Goro: Masahiko, Yoshiharu Bonzo: t. Shimamura, / copper pheasant: Hoshino-Atsushi / other / chorus: new national theatre choir / music fun: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra


Conductor: Donato renzetti / Director: Kuriyama t. / art: Island Jiro / costumes: Maeda Ayako / lighting: katsushiba


2019/6/1 (Sat) 〜2019/6/9 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
6/1 (Saturday) 14:00
6/7 (Friday) 14:00 ★
6/9 (Sunday) 14:00 ★
Approximate running time: 2 hours 40 minutes (including break)
★: Childcare services available-friendly

* doors open is starting 45 minutes before. Starting after admission may be limited.
* 6/1 (Saturday), 3F, for school groups going on a part of the fourth floor, seats and 4-D seat sale is not. This is a
* 6/7 (Friday) is part of the 3rd and the 4th floor C D seat into school groups scheduled.

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