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In the year 2019,
Gotanda Tiger fuss early this year!

now Tiger is... goddess!

in 2019, the first Stage... acts first starring "East Nanae.
we were! StageON

Ginza hakuhinkan theater!

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East Nanae (Gotanda Tiger) / Takahashi kurumi / 軽辺. / child of RIKA Saito (DEAR KISS) / Kojima Haruna may / Mai (Groovy) Okamoto Naoko / Mariko (Gotanda Tiger) and Murano true Greens (Gotanda Tiger) hiraguchi Miyuki with Yuka / Tomita Sacro Michiaki Kato (Jump up Joy) / rie Sasaki (Premony) / Star ayano, hemp sails and TAKENAKA, Mizuki (Gotanda Tiger) / yokoi Li Nana (Gotanda Tiger) or / and (Tokyo Virgin drum) / sakaba Asuka (Gotanda Tiger) and Takamatsu snow (Gotanda Tiger) YUI Haga ayaka (Gotanda Tiger) and 折見 Mao (Gotanda Tiger) and ninomiya, takanami (TEARS) and AIRI (CHERRSEE) / Kinoshita REI dishes and I (said wars ~) / Mariko Suzuki, and rie Iizuka (Gotanda Tiger) / Nakaya / double Cast: hemp Li Akiko Shimizu (AKB48), Ichiki 1000 h., Aoyagi Gaya shibasaki 7 Rainbow


Writer-Director: Kasahara, Teppei (Soymilk Co.) / sound producer: blue but white (Soymilk Co.) / choreography: Misaki (Dancing ☆ Dolls, scenic Le OWL playing producer)


2019/1/16 (Wed) 〜2019/1/20 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
1/16 (Wednesday) 18:30!
1/17 (Thursday) 18:30!
1/18 (Friday) 13:30 ★ / 18:30 ★
1/19 ( SAT) 13:00-/ 18:00-

. / Ichiki thousand Ocean / hemp Li Aki Shimizu, cast time
★ / shibasaki-7 Rainbow and hemp Li Aki Shimizu, cast time
-Cast / Ichiki Hiroshi Ms. & Ms. Aoyagi Gaya, times

* auditorium doors open at will from the start 30 minutes earlier.
* the lobby doors and toy sales will commence starting 1 hour ago.
* 1/19 (Saturday) of day and night in the concert DVD is going into the camera for recording. Please be forewarned.

Ticket Fee

arrival only! a: 6500 yen → [A seat ticket vouchers] 4500 Yen!
(tax included)

[A seat ticket vouchers]
day, starting 60 minutes ago reception with reserved-seat ticket and exchange for sure. If you are
-seats. Please be forewarned.
+ Ticketing Fee


Hakuhinkan theater


[★ in the wheelchair to the guests] later
for visiting if you purchase tickets in WEB below to be sure in advance please contact.
on the day of the person in charge designated seats will inform.

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