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UK departure! Beyond the abilities of physical expression with poetic and humorous stage
living room late on the stage when both provide memory of wife and reality intersect
company the latest "enormous room" Japan premiere!

"" be different from others-it is reason of our existence, of our way of life itself from "" banner, regardless of the obstacles, each dancer has own possibility, Fascinated by the unique artistry of stage character made scanner top gap. they have earned a reputation at home and abroad feel the possibility of

performing arts
this time finally Japan's first performances with the company the latest "enormous room" Will be staged at the Setagaya public theatre.

"enormous room"="endless room".
living room produces a sense of loss and sadness to the death of an important stage in fantasy and reality, and invites the audience into the labyrinth.
motivational dance, not to mention impressive art somewhere warm and theatrical scenes,
from the fantastic melody to rock decorate the stage musical film.
performing arts unlimited possibilities, experience in the theater. Dave

wife Jackie's sudden death mourned with grief. Recalls days with mother and Sam's daughter also died. Some of our memories became the Phantom, Jackie finally envision each (US) appears in front of me at the same time. Guide Chuck between delusion and reality, two worlds, there appeared a story begins to move into an unexpected direction:

grief and oblivion is now up to dating blend-Bachtrack (UK)
peace and provocation towards the last amazing impact-Exeunt (UK)
Stage leads to a new genre and dance-Disability Arts Online (UK)

◆ trailer here!

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Artistic direction: Lucy Bennett


2019/3/8 (Fri) 〜2019/3/9 (Sat)

3/8 (Friday) 19:30
3/9 (Saturday) 14:00:

* opening, starting 30 minutes before is.
? post-talk=and

Ticket Fee

General: 4000 Yen
pairs: 7000 yen (advance sale only)
(all reservation seats / including tax)

+ Ticketing Fee


Setagaya public Theatre


* Preschool-age guests will not be admitted. You cannot guide you to
* start after the original seat. Please be forewarned.
* This buyback, is out of service.

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