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Though small theatre present performances in the 44th Annual
Killer Joe

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Blockbuster's impact by Tracy Letts and problem!
silicate (Dragon spring) x by toyoshi Yoshihara benizakura × trait also have guest faculty x by Theatre though small now shockingly Japan's first performance!
repeated roar, violence, betrayal...
exposed ego, libido, and wounds afresh...
"it's really a story of... "
to do it if you want to watch this!

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"Nagasaki" said Tung Ken (herringbone) / Kaoru Yamazaki (Watanabe) / Okamoto high Sterling / Akira Nanae and kitago Ryoji Arai / * Kaoru Yamazaki is officially old characters. "Big" becomes "national".


By: Tracy Let's / translation: Yoshihara, Takashi / Director: silicate (Dragon spring) / scenography: MOTOKI fukase Hee / lighting: Okuda Kenta (colore) / sound: Sakuma Shuichi / costumes: Fujita / action: Atsumi, / Assistant Director: Nishimoto pole Or / stage manager: Norio Aoki (box-horse Institute) / advertising art: Takeda, Koji ( / production: Komagata Wataru Shoji


2019/3/20 (Wed) 〜2019/3/24 (Sun)

3/20 (Wednesday) 19:00
3/21 (Thursday) 14:00 / 19:00
3/22 (Friday) 14:00 / 19:00
3/23 (Saturday) 14:00 / 19:00
3/24 (Sunday) 14:00

Ticket Fee

All seats free (Adv): 4500 Yen
1000 yen discount! 4500 Yen-> confetti seat: ¥ 3500! (tax included)

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Organizations Overview

0/1971 (1971), Hayano, Toshiro and Akira Ozawa won the first prize (deceased) Center, was working Theatre actors theater, 0/1974 (1974) in January, current troupe though small started working as. Started as an agnostic philosophy of constant play to stage as Japan classic, new, or even poetry and novels from European and American drama, and a wide range of play activities, while exploring the origin of the performing arts theater creative collective.


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