HELLEN und Selten
ARC kioi-Cho Salon Hall hosted by series Thursday concert.
Myochin Hirokazu recital-Bariton Anthologie-

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Performance content

No. 1 of
baritone song-Japan ver. ~ from 'Alice in Wonderland'

Kinoshita, Makiko / scripts, Takahashi Hideo / script
" Crazy cat song "(laughing cat)

Jung Eun / composer terayama Shuji / words:
Lieder tamaranakattara alone are more than
tamaranakattara alone
sorrow <

Taki Kentaro / composer DOI night Midori liked sea br />
I die / words:

Nakada, Yoshinao / composer Kato Shuichi's Sakura Yokocho

Nakada, Yoshinao / composer marks / poem by
Oh Printemps

Jung Eun / music three rofu / words:
Lieder "five lyric song part 1" than road home

aoshima, Hiroshi /
Opera fire bird than sleep
"fire on the mountain"


part 2
Bariton Anthologie-world series-

Schubert / music Schubert / words:

Jacques Ibert and compose
Ronsard & Alexandre and Arnaud / words:
songs in the "song of Don Quixote 4"
journey songs
Dulcinea Princess songs
Duke songs
Don Quijote's death song

Lully /
Opera Cadmus and Hermione
" Beautiful Hermione. "

Vagner / script,
Opera"Tannh?user"than" a dark presentiment of death around covering one side... "(song of the evening star)
Massenet /
Opera "erodiard" more! "fleeting apparition]

Lehar / compose
From the operetta "the Merry Widow"
see for their country if'

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Myochin Hirokazu (baritone) / Uemura Miyu (piano)


Produced by: Hellen und Selten / cooperation: concert imagine


2019/3/14 (Thu)

3/14 (Thursday) 19:00's start

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Advance tickets: General seats free: 3000 Yen students: ¥ 1500
1000 yen discount! all free adult: 3000 Yen-> confetti seat 2000 yen!
(tax included)

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Kioi-Cho Salon Hall


Organizations Overview

Myochin Hirokazu (myoukou Chin born:) and baritone singer
Tokyo Music University.
phase 2 of Opera Training Institute master class scholarships and completed.
received the invitation will be the 9th"(Tokushima prefecture, 2014), Robert Crowder Fund so far aratani / Japan America Theatre (Los Angeles, 2015), Japan-U.S. Cultural Center (JACCC) The invitation appeared as a soloist in Beethoven "ninth" and "Choral fantasy" (Los Angeles, 2017) Bridge to Joy at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in the. in
other in foreign performances appeared in concert in Germany (Berlin) and France (AGEN).
"chat saitaru" that title talk concert held in the country, regardless of age or adhering to "provide a real fun activity.
now in Berlin, Paris and work up, working as a recital and concert singer in the world.
concert imagine belongs.

Uemura Miyu (uemuramiyu) and pianist
Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu born.
Hamamatsu-Kita senior graduated from Toho Gakuen University of musical arts diploma course, Superieur de Paris, Ecole normal music.
France played in numerous Chamber music concerts, etc. many seminars
foreign students at all elected members of the winners selected concerts, playing.
now working in concert over the years many other K-ballet company, Tokyo theatre plays, Opera, Ballet and musicals as well as pianist.
also sponsored and accompanied by pianist planned concerts and opera performances in recent years involved script, by holding regular meetings in Tokyo and Hamamatsu.
Kamiya Kaoru's, Lin h., Abe, Noriko, studied Jackal vie, priscabnova, Victoria merch.


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