Namida Bashi Ding Dong band 3-month of mud ~


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namidabashi Ding Dong band, 2016, 2017, vol.1, vol.2 presented the. It is the third!

Gin-CHAN, I'm waiting! I know you dont gotta down
it. I...

the bridge is known as Namida Bashi. From and went weeping tears go I fall into the poor town of their life to be. There was man to
the cross to reverse such Namida Bashi. While everyone was tired, we gave up, got up, was the son of Chindon-ya have gone out of business years ago.
Chindon-ya it's outdated work he was a fool. Everyone everyone said and laughed.
however, was attracted by the thought of his men. Even if full of scratches, even go running together. Once toward the Sun. Solo, so stupid they also gathered as one person.
they told themselves this way. Namida Bashi Ding Dong band!

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WADA Masanari / Yuya Asato (TOKYO Meteor) and Aoki 1 horse (TOKYO Meteor) / Yuki / Fuji hwayoung straw in Ho / Midorikawa, Ryosuke and Miyashita, Hiroshi / Yagami Ren (19, (Tuesday)-24, appeared in 11 performances of (Sunday))


Written and directed by: Yutaka Tsutsumi, (Platinum papers)


2019/2/13 (Wed) 〜2019/2/24 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
2/13 (Wednesday) 19:00
2/14 (Thursday) 19:00
2/15 (Friday) 14:00 / 19:00
2/16 (Saturday) 12 : 00 / 17:00
2/17 (Sunday) 12:00 / 17:00
2/19 (Tuesday) 14:00 / 19:00
2/20 (Wednesday) 14:00 / 19:00
2/21 (Thursday) 19:00
2/22 (Friday) 14:00 / 19:00
2/23 (Saturday) 12:00 / 17:00

* Yagami ren is 1. 9, (Tuesday)-24, will appeared in (Sunday) 11 performances. There is no
24, two performances of the (Sunday) dealing with confetti.

Ticket Fee

All seats reserved: 5500 yen (tax included)
+ Ticketing Fee


Ginza hakuhinkan theater


* Non-preschool-age children admission

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