Sophia Armonico
The world of symbols between Renaissance music and painting
Elegant accomplishments courtiers spell Sofia Armonico

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Attainments are deep in Renaissance painting, featured six "Medici", "eyes" "destiny" "shepherd" bird flowers motif in this performance Takanashi, Hikaru to the Renaissance man was holding any images for these keywords to Plainly, we will talk.

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Sophia Armonico / Maeda ○ child / Kan when reading fellow Tomoko and kunieda Shuntaro (Renaissance flute) Guest: REI kaburagi (soprano)


Kunieda, Shuntaro


2019/3/23 (Sat)

3/23 (Saturday) 13:30 open
3/23 (Saturday) 14:00 start

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All seats free (Adv): 3500 yen (tax included)

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Organizations Overview

The flauto Traverso player Sophia Armonico, Renaissance consort music, Renaissance flute to play, representing the four Japan was founded in 2008. Charm of the Renaissance flute in Japan is still not known for many people, putting power to unearth repertoire, technique research and educational activities. From Maximilian I to Emperor Charles v and the "Hapsburg Empire dawn", followed the life of Leonardo da Vinci, the feast of the flute and wine drinking and music-themed, "Leonardo da Vinci's Christmas", Explores the forms of various love of France chansons "feelings you." such as have other various programs of concerts, concert and exhibition at the Museum of fine arts. In 5/2016's first album "fascinating Renaissance flute-friendly look-" released on Regulus. To 10/2018 Vermeer-music in the picture, in the 11-Susato: dance Lee Renaissance dances (all tracks) released on King records.


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