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It's a story in the "dressing room" actors who spend just before a live stage performances. Daily painting or poster or flyer is named 載razu and is referred to as "other actors who spends how towards the production of comedy is.

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開沼, and Oyama Kei Kota / forest under / Okabe Naoya / College kyohei / Hanai Shohei


Written and directed: 開沼, music: Fukano Yoshizumi / Director: Tanaka Miocene ichi (Tokyo alarm Orchestra) / scenography: old Wakana (Blue Revolution) / audio: Kiyomi Kawakami (ORANGE COYOTE) / lighting: Sachi Hong Zhi (FictiF) / advertising art: Matsuyama Mai / Photographer: Keisuke Sato (llnutupfam) / production: Saito Takahiro (LUCKUP), Chihiro Yoshida (LUCKUP)


2019/3/27 (Wed) 〜2019/3/31 (Sun)

In the year 2019
3/27 (Wednesday) 19:30
3/28 (Thursday) 14:00 / 19:30
3/29 (Friday) 19:30
3/30 (Saturday) 13:00 18 : 00
3/31 (Sunday) 13:00 / 17:00

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All seats are reserved seating (advance): 4000 yen (with tax)

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Theater 711


----------------------A2 edition poster (signed by all members)
leading benefits flyer design giveaway!
* on the day will be handed at the theater----------------------

Organizations Overview

-Troupe Rohtak is a theatre company formed in the 7/2018. Daily laugh making works that theme.


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