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Hagio Wangdu said in August 2011, "flowers" Nanohana "were announced. It was announced, instead of waiting for six months from the Tohoku earthquake happened to 3.11. Take the brush immediately after shaking and the fate of many people has changed due to the tsunami and and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station accident is submitted. Compelling desire and hence the inferred. Since July, yet also never finish passes only at. It is works like a prayer: "Nanohana" the impressionable girls that NAHO wants to forget the reality facing weight and severity of flowing hope for purification of infinite sorrow. about

5/12/1949 born in Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
masterpiece is "the heart of Thomas'" 11 people! "Poe no ichizoku,"a cruel God reigns' "Iguana girl", etc. Have been advise against relying "cartoon girl God" and also a genre of works across a wide range of SF, fantasy, mystery, live comedy, Ballet, psychological suspense, such as what areas. Also sociologically and in literary works, the psychology of the characters who are pursuing deeper, even over literature, culture and many other fans have.
Shogakukan Manga Award, Tezuka Osamu cultural prize has won several comics awards. Girl cartoonist in 2012 and first Medal with Purple Ribbon, was awarded the Asahi Prize in 2017.

set for
from 3/11/2011 after eight years, from 2/2019 at the end of ads for this March. Last weakening concerns that would be transitory I think 3/11 is featured on that day's newspaper and Web partners. Fukushima as performed by us is still as big homework that you can recall in mind and hope. And hope the words through the actor's physical, emotional, is engraved on the soul of the spectator, and the new memories.
Chernobyl people's thoughts and life who entrusted their future to rape to the souls of the people who died, and to link the story "Nanohana" need be expanded stage by avoiding oblivion and we have young And I want to be thinking about the future of new life born from this opportunity.

Abe NAHO's living in Fukushima elementary school 6th grade girls.
tsunami in bar-Chan is missing.
NAHO's House was near the plant moved to havens, the
grandfather, my parents, my brother lives.
one day, NAHO is the dream bar to reunite with her.
bar so it showed me to was a Western stranger grabbed
doll girl.
you anyone...? I met 2 times in a
girls bar toys I had the seeder of the flowers was used....

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K (Kukla): Shinya Matsumoto (NAHO), t. Usami (, (brother of NAHO)), Hiroyuki Ito Kiyoshi (girls), Suzuki, Hiroaki (teacher), Chiba Ken kuga (1 student), Udo Shota (2 students) / Ц (sveto) Hirokazu sekido (NAHO), Chiba Ken kuga (, (brother of NAHO)), Shinya Matsumoto (girls), Udo Shota (teacher), t. Usami (1 student), Suzuki, Hiroaki (2 students) / father: funato, worker and mother: kounakabaru h., and grandpas: Kuramoto Toru / bar-CHAN: Wakabayashi, Yugo / Fujikawa's: Fujiwara Hiroshi children / Hisashi Ishida sound: Akashi-worked


Original author: Hagio ("Nanohana" (Shogakukan)) and screenwriter-Director: Kurata Atsushi


2019/4/12 (Fri) 〜2019/4/13 (Sat)

4/12 (Friday) 19:00 [ К team] !
4/13 (Saturday) 13:00 [ Ц team] !
4/13 (Saturday) 17:00 [ К team] !
* К (Kukla), Ц (tsvert) teams double cast.

!: after the concert stage greeting which is 30 minutes before curtain (starts show 60 minutes)

* doors open

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