Amayadori 2019 book performance
How to climb to heaven

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Performance content

"? so you want to live longer? "
tourism, euthanasia, to hold on and let go. 
amayadori first in 2019, the last performance is themed placed fantasic comedy "Heaven's climb toward' euthanasia and death with dignity! 
baby boomers finally-death society to refrain from Japan, if dying in the 70s, or like us will 看取tte
the way of life? Rethinking social sect fantasy.

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Written and directed by: Junichi Hirota / Daisuke Kurata /-or / Sakaki hot Katsumi / Numata stars hemp / AIBA? / AIBA Rico / Ichikawa Yukie / Umeda, Yosuke / large 塚由 prayer child / Makoto Miyazaki Yoshio Nakamura early Shang and Torii walk / Nishimura blue (old coetaneous play Club) / Emiko Murayama / hase River Natsumi / Tsutsumi Japanese Yuki (Lingua Franca)



2019/1/24 (Thu) 〜2019/1/27 (Sun)

* Instructions for performing
1/25 (Friday) 14:00 / 19:30
1/26 (Saturday) 19:30
7-15 females 30
* The various scheduled events and detailed website performance from time to time Announces
* registation starts at starting 45 minutes before the opening is 30 minutes before

Ticket Fee

only 30 people! General 3000 yen (all seats reserved, tax incl.)-> 2200 Yen and 1400 P get! (1/24 17:00 20 pm update)
+ Ticketing Fee


Owlspot and BBW


If you can not guide you to your seat and too much time. Please do not enter
* preschool children

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