40 anniversary of Shinjuku Culture Center / YMO40 anniversary
Yellow Magic Children ~ 40 years after YMO gene-

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Concert of the Festival by musicians to celebrate the 40th anniversary of YMO birth, inherited the gene. Each
YMO received tutelage the YMO children first generation musicians was subjected to the influence of YMO covers and YMO songs played at the 寿gimasu with a fan.

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Husband (YMC): Hiroshi Takano (Band master G, Vo), ren Takada (G, etc), gondoutmohiko (Computer, etc), Yuji okiyama (B), Shirane, 1 (drs), Shohei 網守 (key) / SPECIAL GUEST: Kazufumi Miyazawa, Maki Nomiya, Hideki Kaji, Miu Sakamoto, AND MORE!



2019/3/14 (Thu)

3/14 (Thursday) 18:30 (doors open: 18:00)

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All seat specification General: 6500 yen (tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Shinjuku Cultural Center main hall


* Preschool admission non-
* This buyback, is out of service.

[important] disabled space principle wheelchair users required, or disability you have only. On the structure of the venue cannot be for disabled people. Please contact the concert ticket purchase before a possible handicap or contact us below. If you could buy tickets for please be ready to respond at the venue, at least performed 1 week before also please contact please call. people will be accompanied as a
Chaperon (1 Pax) ticket is required. -

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