"The Stage gods mischief (play) light and flame 'promises'

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★ ☆ second Lottery leading ★ ☆ leading benefits: " Kazukiyone teacher painting down illustrated bromides.
period: 2/2 (Saturday) 10:00-February 17, (Sunday) 23: 59 ?Lottery closed?
results announcements: 2/20 (Wednesday) ?lottery results signaled?
* lottery results from my page please ensure. If credit card:

ticketing begins: 2/24 (Sunday) 10:00-
-eleven settlements: 2/20 (Wednesday) after winning notification-
reservation validity period:
-credit card: pick up until the day of the performance for eleven settlements can be
: 2/27 (Wednesday) 23:59

* Confetti points would be exempt. use
points no points, as well as the non-grant.

"1 application per application only the first available
" 1 application per maximum number of four
"application unlimited number of times. However, for single-stage multiple times BlueHost we also (for example comes to an end, three times) lottery work when duplicates are removed and only one application and we will.
"application prior to confetti membership registration (free) required
" application is not served during the reception meal. Please who can afford because we focus access
* deadline just before the reception.
"cannot change after reservation. Please be forewarned.
"lottery results are announced after the election, at the membership page confirmation available.
"purchase after cancellation or change is not.
tickets aimed at "commercial resale is strictly prohibited in any case.

? about tickets please contact
confetti ticket Center 0120-240-540 (reception hours flat, 10:00-18:00)

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"The Stage gods of mischief (play) light and flame of promise '
Shinjuku Mura LIVE in, staged decision!


★ servername ☆ primary Lottery prior ★ ☆
leading benefits: cast bromide
period: 12 / 21 / (Friday) 20: 00-January 14, (Mon, holiday) 23: 59 [draw closes?
results announcements: 1/18 (Friday) ?lottery results signaled "
* Lottery results from the members page please ensure.
ticketing period:
-credit card: 1/22 (Tuesday) 10:00-up to the event.
-eleven settlements: 1/18 (Friday) After the election notice-1/27 (Sunday) 23:59

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與座 Wataru, Tsuji Ryoichi, Matsumoto Asahi spur / Arai m. / Takada Makoto / sekine Yu na / etc.


Writer-Director: Cheng light Makoto


2019/4/13 (Sat) 〜2019/4/21 (Sun)

4/13 (Saturday) 19:00 Baldur END
4/14 (Sunday) 15:00 Loki END
4/14 (Sunday) 19:00 Baldur END
4/15 (Monday) 19:00 Loki END
4/16 (Tuesday) 19:00 Baldur END
4/17 (Wednesday) 19:00 Loki END
4/18 (Thursday) 19:00 [ Baldr END]
(Friday) 08 月 19 日 18: 00 END of Baldr
4/19 (Friday) 19:00 Loki END
4/20 (Saturday) 14:00 Loki END
4/20 (Saturday) 19:00 Baldur END
4/21 (Sunday) 14:00 Loki END

Ticket Fee

School student seats: 8500 yen (w/resale benefit)
miniature Genie seats 7000 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

* The content depends on the date and time. Be careful when applying. For more information, please check the tour schedule.

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Shinjuku Mura LIVE


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