Salieri republication & Japan-Austria friendship 150 anniversary
Sarielimousica ~ piano concert × talk ~


Performance content

Musician Spotlight explosion in Japan from the year 2018 and Antonio Salieri.
like his work and how life was in. good Mizutani, where

recent republication released "hofkapellmeister erased Salieri Mozart'
author's, such as Mozart in"tea classic"or list
composer music columnist,
composers and pianists of its I go of all mysteries surrounding
Salieri and welcomes the strongest pair with a piano concert This is can be unravelled by
works and person descriptions and enjoy music event.
Salieri couldn't

perhaps in concert in Japan so far barely hear music of the revival in Daimaru mind Shinsaibashi bridge Theater this day.

programs ◆ ◆
part 1 of Vienna and Paris Court classic-first Salieri, next to the Mozart-
(starring: Mai Takano, forest its between)

★ play, introduction of works (planned)
-Salieri and Mozart joint composer to Ophelia's Health Minister
-Salieri 'joke music collection of vocal music "
, Schubert than Requiem Salieri, "Salieri's Vienna live 50th anniversary celebration" song

-Mozart "Requiem" from [tears holiday], [anger holiday>
, tears < > and Marie-Antoinette
★ composition course

part 2 And the life of the composer Antonio Salieri and work description (cast: Mizutani Akiyoshi) complete Edition

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period: 12/22 (Saturday) 10:00-12 / 25 / (Tuesday) 23: 59 [draw closes?
results announcements: 12/26 (Wednesday) ?lottery results signaled "
* Lottery results from the members page please ensure. 
and ticketing period
eleven settlements: 12/26 (Wednesday) election results after notification-1/4/2019 (Friday) 26: 59
Credit card payment: 12/30 (Sunday) 10:00 ~ can be received until the day of performances.

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Part 1: Mai Takano (music columnist), those between (pianist, composer, and arranger) / part 2: Akira Mizutani (music researcher)


Sponsored by: sarielimousica Committee (President: grade) / things sales cooperation: Naxos Japan, Inc. / management cooperation: TEAM #BISCO / novelty cooperation: Morinaga confectionery co., Ltd. / sponsorship: Embassy of Austria, Austria culture forum


2019/3/9 (Sat)

3/9 (Saturday)
opening remarks: 13:00
part 1: 13:00 10 pm
part 2: 15:10 (approx. 16:50)

* Opening the theater only you have no. 1 tickets. establishes a 20-minute intermission between
* part 1 and part 2.
* break time to swap system. Please check the announcements on the day.

Ticket Fee

★ Part 1, no. 2, common tickets
offers admission ticket: 8000 Yen normal
* purchase screen at 6500 [No. 1 of 13:00 start] of choice salt lead times please. with

☆ 1st session only ticket
award tickets: 5000 Yen
regular admission tickets: 3500 Yen

With only the favor part 2 tickets
award tickets: 5000 Yen
normal admission tickets: 3500 Yen

(all reservation seats / including tax)

* offer details
? Antonio Salieri history episode book
writing ': grade (and column)
Kiritat (cover illustration and character design)

? [Morinaga & co., Ltd. / sarielimousicacollabo project]
drawn full color cover with Calle-de-Chocolat
characters: Antonio Salieri and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
(cover illustration and strip winding design: away from key blue) Please

* w/bonus ticket purchase screen "with benefits" Please select.
* award is in installed in the theater on the day of Exchange corner.

+ Ticketing Fee


Daimaru mind Shinsaibashi bridge Theatre (Daimaru Department store Shinsaibashi store North Hotel 14 F)


* 3 years or more pay and less than a 3-year-old admitted non-
* This buyback, is out of service.

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