"God-Fang-JINGA-reincarnation ' world, I'm not disappearing. ★ day voucher.


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silver rocks salt Vol.3 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT
"God-Fang-JINGA-reincarnation ' disappearing
it's not me and the world. performance decision in
Galaxy Theatre!

◆ outline ◆ when wakes up once a Millenium, Tomino called
"the sigh of the Messiah",
Tier 1 demon (horror) under the beasts began to act up in unison.
see Zynga the Kono jostle.
"Zynga the Kono jostle" (in hell, "Zynga Tomino eat")
at the same time,
independent horror punitive organizations "Wolf hole" at & lt; encountered man is attacked by egg's familiar precepts of br /> training in tomoha
horror crowd, called
horror King.
. The name of the horror is in the midst of the tier 1 demon and human world,
ADO Zynga; even godless
once dared even to the Messiah, horror. time
rebellion under the beast Zynga Games, a powerful demon who Revere
Tomino beast Sasha, fugi, Luke, the extremity of the North Woods one take's self-mocking. under the beast such as

Zynga no longer exists anywhere.
guy. come already, a spiral of reincarnation in the next life. life as a
magic Makai Knight mikage God fangs, horror

even godless life.
Theater, film and dance action all entertainment, including a vivid theatrical.
silver rocks salt Vol.3 LIVE ENTERTAIMENT

holler sing and In the hit TV drama "God-Fang-JINGA-" of and relationship with the demon Makai Knight mikage God fang.

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Inoue Masahiro / Yamamoto Kei / IHA Anna Kazuki (W cast) / ODA Erika a (AKB48) (W cast) / Masaki i. / Matsuno wells m. / Shimizu, Japan / Fu Misato (cloth) (W cast) and Kaori nazuka (W cast) / Miyagi Kota / Sengoku-Minami (W cast) / Isohara kyou Hana (W cast) and Yumoto Misaki / doNcHY. And SATO k. and SATO Daisuke / tree-lined shusuke / Noda Hiroshi / EGA / RYO / TAKA-KI / Kraus / HiRo-C / caudate chapter / Kudo sho horse / 片伯部, Hiromasa / Sakai Hayato Doo / Noda Ryunosuke / yoshiba friend Quaternary / Tezuka Saki love / Ito Ling Rena / Taguchi history arrow / Iwata arihiro / Nakamura Seijiro / GUEST: 3 Nakamoto, (1/5 (Saturday) 13:00), Iwata Hua REI (1/5 (Saturday) 18:00) the age-old Masaru Ueda (1/6 (Sunday) 12:00), Toshiyuki Koichi (1/6 (Sunday) 17:00), egawa Tatsuya (1/7 (Monday) 19:00), 向里 grief incense (1/8 (Tuesday) 19:00), hemp cord, distal (1/9 (Wednesday) 14:00 / 19:00), Fujita Satoshi (1/10 (Thursday) 14:00), Yuka, kuramochi (1/10 (Thursday) 19:00), Hayato (1 / 11 (Friday) 19:00), Tomokazu Seki ( 1/12 (Saturday) 12:00), Subaru Kimura (1/12 (Saturday) 17:00), rie kugimiya (1/13 (Sunday) 12:00), Yuichi Nakamura (1/13 (Sunday) 17:00), Yusuke KASHIWAGI (1/14 (Mon, holiday) 13:00)


Executive Producer / Director: Masahiro Inoue / screenplay: shiota Taizo


2019/1/5 (Sat) 〜2019/1/14 (Mon)

[date & W cast schedule]
1/5 (Saturday) 13:00 ODA / Fu Yuan / Sengoku guest: 3 midyear,
1/5 (Saturday) 18:00 ODA / circle / Sengoku guest: Iwata Hua rea
1/6 (Sunday) 12:00 ODA / nazuka / isohara guest: Ueda age-old big
1/6 (Sunday) 17:00 ODA / nazuka / isohara guest: Toshiyuki Koichi
1/7 (Monday) 19:00 ODA / nazuka / Sengoku guest: egawa Tatsuya
1/8 (Tuesday) 19:00 IHA / nazuka / isohara guest: 向里 Yuuki incense
1/9 (Wednesday) 14:00 IHA / nazuka / Sengoku guest: together on distal hemp
1/9 (Wednesday) 19:00 IHA / circle / Sengoku guest: Mio-far hemp
1/10 (Thursday) 14:00 Italian Wave / nazuka / isohara guest: Fujita Reiji
1/10 (Thursday) 19:00 IHA / circle / isohara guest: kuramochi Yuka
1/11 (Friday) 19:00 ODA / Fu Yuan / Sengoku guest: Hayato
1/12 (Saturday) 12:00 ODA / nazuka / isohara guest: Seki Tomokazu
1/12 (Saturday) 17:00 ODA / nazuka / isohara guest: Kimura Subaru
1/13 (Sunday) 12:00 ODA / Fu Yuan / Sengoku guests: rie kugimiya
1/13 (Sunday) 17:00 ODA / Fu Yuan / Sengoku guest: Nakamura Masaru 1
1/14 (Mon. / holiday) 13:00 IHA / Fu Yuan / isohara guest: KASHIWAGI, Yusuke

* Lobby door starting one hour before the auditorium doors will start 30 minutes before

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[A seat ticket vouchers]: 8500 Yen
[B-seat ticket vouchers]: 7500
(all prices are tax included)

[A seat ticket vouchers] [B-seat ticket:
* on the day of the Concert begins 60 minutes ago reception with reserved-seat ticket and exchange for will. If you are
-seats. Please be forewarned.

* date depends on the performer.
for more information, please check the tour schedule.

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