Ebina-Shi Bunka Kaikan
Voice actors reading play VORLESEN for Lesen

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In addition to starring popular actors seen original Drame! The story of sending voice and harpsichord playing Mozart. After reading plays also talk by voice!

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Aisaka good Keita (? A diamond Sawamura Eiji net ◆ "girly Airforce" ringing the Valley-) / Yuki Ono (◆ Kuroko's basketball fire God our ? 'diamond Jojo's bizarre adventure is unbreakable. higashikata jyosuke) / Yusuke Shirai (◆ "handsome high school Earth defense LOVE! "Naruko sulfur ? Hipgnosis microphone 飴村 random number) / Shinichiro Nakano (playing harpsichord)


[Host]: Ebina-city cultural Hall, [production]: includes Terminal / [sponsorship]: ebina


2019/4/13 (Sat)

4/13 (Saturday) 15:00

Ticket Fee

S 5000 yen, A-seats 4000 Yen
(tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Ebina-Shi Bunka Kaikan


Preschool-age children with no admission

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Ebina-Shi Bunka Kaikan, ebina-Shi cultural activities as citizens of our passengers. Also, everyone enjoyed art and the rich mind life activities sponsored by art knot Hall and public links.


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