Shijiki sound Academy-WAZAOGI-ZA
2nd World traditional dance festival
The invention of tradition

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It is believed's old-fashioned and traditional entertainment, actually cut out of that era "is now", has been created. I enjoy the "live traditional dance' of the dance group of Korea and Taiwan in the East resonated with us are aiming at"Arts alive"and their thoughts.

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Shijiki sound Academy mumun (Otowa Chrysanthemum Park) / shijiki sound Academy spring (autumn Satoshi Yamato) Kazuko takabatake (from theatre entertainment heaven) / shijiki sound Academy Yuko (Yamato fall,) / Feng Shui Nanjo / shijiki sound Academy law credit / Tendo, m. 凰鈴 (SHIHO)


Overseas guests Korea: Shin Eun Pearl dance troupe (SHIN Dance Campany) / Taiwan: art form dance collection (Titzy Folk Dance Theatre) / stage director: Yasuo Tanaka / lighting: hirofumi ohgushi (ASTEC) / audio: IIDA Hiroshi Shigeru (IIDA acoustic) / Advertising design: Takashi Kubota (seldon design) / production: Paradise party


2019/7/4 (Thu)

7/4 (Thursday) 18:00

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All seats free (Adv): 3000 Yen
1000 yen discount! [all seats unreserved: ¥ 3000-> confetti seats: 2000 yen!
(tax included)

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When curian (Shinagawa Ward & Ward Hall)


Organizations Overview

"Ministries Ogi" that word was used as a classical ancient Kojiki and Nihonshoki Japan before then. According to
words of friends "works" is to expose what is in the mind, "Ogi" so show it to people and situations. Open

"Kojiki" the gate of the Kagura dance dance & #8203; see ministries Ogi "and said. Also winning white open 8 million gods of iwato is a "funny" that has become the origin of the word.
& #8203;
shijiki (ministries), (sound), circus world (GI) is, I have coined, and follows the spirit of the ancient ones. It symbolizes dancing, music, and theater.
& #8203;
shijiki sound Academy-demonstrates the dance of joy and fun, to see to him with a happy heart, creating the bright world hope. think performance group brandishing nothing
customs and authorities to dispel the mind of primordial dance, reviving the world cause you want to round.
& #8203;


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