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Ireland play latest by Enda-Walsh productions
"Mister man", "tied to the bed.

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"Tied to the bed,
father and disabled daughter continue talking on the bed 2 people play. Two daughters alone talking story and daughter alone talk + father "role" of the pattern is done alternately and gradually in the audience appeared to be a "story" comes into view. To talk to specifically do own narrative voice, but daughter talking about the various characters to hold each other's hands. Covering the whole profoundly absurd and violent humor. "Masterman]

monologues. Thomas's character, such as integrating an insane murderer and clergy. Starting from the narration of the protagonist Thomas, it was recorded. All other performers (mama_ederu) is voice only. Continues the conversation recorded her voice with Thomas stuff about the Bible or about her father's or heaven, also can come and go. Full-length, violently capping stage.

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"Tied to the bed": Temple dozens, koizuka, Jiang / "Mister man": Saito Jun / voice: Miyuki Saito, Akiko Kobayashi


Written by Enda Walsh and translation: odashima Heng Zhi / Director: ?gita Takuya


2019/3/8 (Fri) 〜2019/3/17 (Sun)

In the year 2019
3/8 (Friday) 19:00
3/9 (Saturday) 13:30 performance after round.
3/10 (Sunday) 14:00
3/11 (Monday) 19:00 0
3/12 (Tuesday) 19:00
3/13 (Wednesday) 14:00
3/14 (Thursday) 19:30
3/15 (Friday) 14:00
3/16 (Saturday) 14:00
3/17 (Sunday) 13:30

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All seats reserved: 4000 Yen
7 columns side before until the 3rd row: 3500 Yen
1000 yen discount! all seats 4000 Yen-> confetti seats: 3000 Yen!
(tax included)

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Under Kitazawa Theatre B 1


Organizations Overview

Betsuyaku real foreign relations series, Canada plays the latest continuous performance, Russia modern theatre series performance continuous performance and have experience in producing overseas performances, local Governments produce performance and contemporary dance.


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