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Sumo January location opening soon!
same day last minute vouchers on sale now!

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2019/1/13 (Sun) 〜2019/1/27 (Sun)

★ manual would you like to
1/17 (Thursday) 5 day
1/19 (Saturday) seventh eye
1/20 (Sunday) 8 day
1/23 (Wednesday) 11 day
1/26 (Saturday) 14 day

Ticket Fee

◆ When you purchased the set time [12:00 / 15:00], select [

and chair seats A seat ticket (per person):-16500 JPY 14500 Yen!
-chair seat C seat ticket (per person): 11000 Yen
-sit C seat ticket vouchers (4 pair): 63800 Yen to
* rates itineraries, Includes lunch, grilled chicken, drinks and souvenirs. -

chair seats A seat ticket (per person): 14000 Yen
* price includes seating, yakitori, and drinks. -

chair seats A seat ticket (per person): 10000 yen,
chair seat C seat ticket (per person): 6000 Yen
* This is only people. all

* these amounts are the tax

[how to enter:
set time Ryogoku Kokugikan Hall seimon-Mae To come, please present the voucher.
(YK planning and placards at the venue on the day that have staff take you up there. ), see
* more at the ticket ticket.

+ Ticketing Fee


Ryogoku Kokugikan


This ticket is a ticket redemption services.

* 4 years admission is required. Child tickets are reserved seats.
less than a 4-year-old children also need your seat ticket is required.

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