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1/5/2019 (Saturday) 12:00-General on sale!


kindergarten was a vague dream

world domination or even billionaires, there is a surreal dream. also repeatedly


takarada YUI to conquer the world from childhood dreamed the dream 潰enakatta. attract members to complete world domination with best friend "ishimori crystals" has the takarada YUI

20-year-old birthday

everybody suspicious person only as a first step in

world domination

I somehow world conquest seem a
that the Institute decided to infiltrate the br />
chemical laboratory in the Organization! is everyone trying to stop

organizational planning and broken before

world to conquer Earth and forbid

Suspicious person only and only the takarada YUI what you fail all the time... with a pure mind

Moreover they switched to evil!

Earth will happen! World domination is what happens!

cast a thrilling only for girls? A sneaks-comedy!

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Karen SHINOZAKI AYANA (AKB48) / Hajime sky (fairies) / Imadegawa Mai AI Haruna / Misaki and Nishida Kaoru child / shinada Cecil / Nagase thousand Hiroshi / katsuki hull / Araki still walking / Ozawa Nobuko / t. Mali / Hara / Maruyama, flowers / KURIMOTO, kanako / 伊礼 Myo Child / special guest: Star, Sara Kyo (19), Takako Inoue Osamu (fairies / 20, 22), Endo, Ryu incense (24)


Written and directed: Takashi Edogawa (Carrasco)


2019/2/19 (Tue) 〜2019/2/24 (Sun)

2/19 (Tuesday) 19:00
2/20 (Wednesday) 19:00
2/21 (Thursday) 19:00
2/22 (Friday) 19:00
2/23 (Saturday) 14:00 / 18:30
2/24 (Sunday) 12:00 / 16:30

★ specials guests (no special guest bromide benefits. ).
Inoue Osamu, Kyoko (fairies)
-star SAE, Kyo (19) (20, 22)
Endo, Ryu incense (24)

Ticket Fee

SS seat: 8500 Yen * offers:
S seat ¥ 6500 * offers:
a: 5500 yen (all reservation seats / including tax)

front 2 column + orijinaruguddzu 2-point favorite for sale bromide single

you like cast for sale bromide single

* bromide type SS seats, S as well as mine. bromide cast the selected
* when purchasing tickets on the day of reception.
* special guest bromide benefits?

+ Ticketing Fee


Tsukiji BDSM Hall


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