National Theatre
2/2019 bunraku


Performance content

-part 1 (at 11 p.m.)-
Katsura and forever railing (wigs made of rennri) Oboro's column

ishibe Inn-
hex Hall indoor column
michiyuki katsuragawa

-Part two (PM 2:30 pm)-
Chikamatsu Monzaemon=work
Mukashigoyomi calendar (calendar-daikyouji old) column

大経師 in the column
Oka Cape village plum 龍内-
Oku Tamba retreat
-part three (at 6 p.m.)-
& #40330; Mountain Princess sutematsu (hibari-Yama eyelashes have hime)
Lieutenant General Princess snow of column

壇浦 helmet armed forces (Dan's back or Shabu gunnki)
AKO ya harp of column

(there are subtitles)

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2019/2/2 (Sat) 〜2019/2/18 (Mon)

2/6 (Wednesday) 18:00-part III ' & #40330; mountain Princess sutematsu ""armed forces 壇浦 helmet"
2/7 (Thursday) 11:00" part "Katsura and forever railing"
2/7 (Thursday) 14:30 ◆ part II " Mukashigoyomi calendar "
2/7 (Thursday) 18:00) (part III of" & #40330; mountain Princess sutematsu ""armed forces 壇浦 helmet"
2/8 (Friday) 14:30 ◆ part II" mukashigoyomi calendar.
2/10 (Sunday) 11:00 "first section"katsuragawa now and forever railing"
2/13 (Wednesday) 14:30 ◆ part II" mukashigoyomi calendar "
2/13 (Wednesday) 18:00-part III" & #40330; mountain Princess sutematsu. " Armed forces 壇浦 helmet "
2/14 (Thursday) 11:00" part "Katsura and forever railing"
2/14 (Thursday) 18:00-part III ' & #40330; mountain Princess sutematsu ""armed forces 壇浦 helmet"

first, at 11 p.m. (approx.-pm 1:50)
No. 2, PM 2:30 start (approx.-pm 5:30)
No. 3, at 6 p.m. (approx.-pm 8:40)

* Department opening hours, starting 30 minutes before going is. Opening hours of part II and part III is the front end after the preparations as scheduled.

Ticket Fee

arrival only! 1st class seats: 6000 Yen-> confetti special price! (ticket purchase page! ) (all reservation seats / including tax)

* performance depends on the program. Please note that when you purchase.

[Please note]
★ card payment only. 12/28 (Friday) to 10:00 should receive at the seven - eleven store cash register ticket.
★ ticket receipt time to seat number I don't know. Please be forewarned.
* phone book cannot be

+ Ticketing Fee


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* Please note that if the changes, such as performers.

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