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"10th anniversary of the Tokyo Operetta Theatre"

Tokyo Operetta Theatre 10th anniversary is the year 2019. Discusses the masterpiece Opera of Carmen for the first time as the No. 1. Carmen wearing a brand new theatrical elements with this work as an Opera Comique originally
bold, contemporary to ask is. Jose corporal

Carmen she had met in a totally changed. Carmen in his back or in real life!

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Satonaka toyoko / Onuki Iwao / hariu Michiko child / Kitagawa, Tatsuhiko / Hashimoto Mika / Tanabe, Izumi found / egashira Falcon / oguri Jun-ichi / isogai Hiroki


Script / subs / Director: Takeshi corner / stage director: hatasaki Hirokazu lighting: Mochizuki Kenta Daisuke (ASG) costumes: Morita singing beauty / Assistant Music Director: NOMA, Miki (co., Ltd. Office Hemmi creative) / production: Nishimura, Makiko / sponsored by: Tokyo Operetta Theatre, Chiyoda Ward Uchisaiwai-Cho Hall


2019/2/16 (Sat) 〜2019/2/18 (Mon)

2/16 (Saturday) 17:00 start
2/17 (Sunday) 14:00 start
2/18 (Monday) 14:00 start

Ticket Fee

All seats free (Adv): 5000 Yen
1000 yen discount! [all seats unreserved: ¥ 5000-> confetti seats 4000 Yen!
confetti seats 4000 Yen
(tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Uchisaiwai-Cho Hall


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Tokyo Operetta Theatre is staged music drama everyone can enjoy "operetta". Opera and also enjoy the different musical entertainment.


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