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was changed in Story
lodging solutions who is speaking.
he was my college friends.
he was always reading books of various disciplines.
This was absolutely necessary to meet the thirst for knowledge of his will.
-years, using the long holidays, invited him to my cottage.
get the first train, he excited had seemed.
rare sight that pleased him, and I was very happy.
everyone was asleep at night, only the sound of the train sounds and an enclosed space, took the case.
now, if it was the beginning of his.
detective lodging solution started from here...

>>> Taisho Roman detective and Tan?
This is the Taisho era background and detective series of the Japanese-made Sherlock Holmes lodging solutions romantic Taisho lived. futility
Taisho period of Japan, live strong, and people's lives, organized crime, entertainment mystery drama draws a government conspiracy as a fiction. creations in contemporary scenography and costume art form beauty, graceful and elegant garment was referred to as
Taisho Roman, and creative, crafting as a martial arts stage and deploy new play activities of Arts and culture The contemplated the encounter of taishou era. the pinnacle of the new era detective drama
Taisho Sherlock-Holmes St. Joseph's solution is difficult to solve! ...≪br high-density fast-paced crime drama opens the curtain />
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