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Musical "Barefoot Gen"

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Now 74 years ago, Japan had war. Moment such as fireballs, en route to the school Bergen 8/6/1945 8:15 defeat had finally become thick, huge light came in the eye, I have lost all memories. This is the emerging American bomber b-29 over Hiroshima, the world's first atomic bomb was dropped. Gen in bricks and roof tiles fell on
back usedall scarcely at the crazy and began to run towards his house. That way the viviparous glass body, tanned skin were a lot of people seeking water ghosts walking, was just a living hell.
Bergen House is falling down and was trapped under the pillar or wall, sister and brother to rescue desperate but broke into a fire, in front of relatives who died but did not.
momentarily to Hiroshima of 140000 people living lives were taken.
then echoed in the landscape of ruins "ogar! "It was born. Pregnant mothers are in too much of a shock labour had gave birth to a girl. This is the birth of a new life.
keeps saying "this war is wrong" a dying father's temper succeeded, overcoming a lot of suffering and grief, like Gen,blueoat was a straight strong heart to survive.

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Now swings spikelets / ARIMA rie / Kato asked / ETO South / Namba Mari / Nakano Ryo Daisuke / Okada based Kenya / Yoshida ERI child / Yamada Ken Kota / OKUNO m. / standing straight Amy Maeda, Akira.


Nakazawa Keiji / screenplay / Director: kijima Kyosuke / composer: Lin story: introduction / Music Director: Takahashi y. Yoshikawa / movement: Fukushima Azusa / art: Ishii in vine / costumes: Arai Kiichi / lighting: MORIWAKI Seiji / sound: Katsumi Jun-ichi / stage manager: Oyama, a / Director Assistant Professor: Oshima Kenji / production: Matsui, Nobuko / planning and management: forests: trees


2019/4/3 (Wed) 〜2019/4/7 (Sun)

4/3 (Wednesday) 19:00
4/4 (Thursday) 14:00
4/5 (Friday) 14:00
4/6 (Saturday) 13:00 / 17:00
4/7 (Sunday) 13:00

* opening is the start 30 minutes before.
* running time approximately 1 hour 50 minutes

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All seats are reserved seating (General): 5500 Yen
all seats reserved (senior (65 and older)): 4500 Yen
all seats (students): 3500 Yen
all seats (high school and younger): 2500 Yen
1000 yen discount! 5500 Yen-> confetti-seats 4500 Yen!
(tax included)

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Zenrosai Hall space and zero


Organizations Overview

In 2008, Kiyama Office (late Kiyoshi Kiyama presiding) of actresses and staff are centering the establishment. Betsuyaku Minoru works are mainly staged Yoshiyuki Fukuda, Masataka Matsuda, ATO wisdom, Yutaka Takemoto and Ishihara natural old and new. On turmoil in mind while exploring the possibilities of theatrical culture of the "little theater", future world and age and always creating drama theater, hope that you want to be a team create a stir that shine both small.
'P', play, performance, produce, progressive, professional and prime, popular and pure, passion, poem, protest and peace ... Set of members but draws 'P' P company.


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