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TTR features project winter concert "Tomonaga.

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Resolution "Tomonaga, called a 'Shura ' 3" with "実盛", "no yorimasa representative song of carnage. While "Tomonaga, is famous for the song played among others. And former City after city also played by one actor in an unusual, cite this song, asked Mr. ASAI statement last year, the base and moved to Osaka from Tokyo. Mr. Asai and training under master Kanze Hisao, talented has been working as a core member of Tessen's current. Also in the song this time Mr. Katayama 9 right Mamoru gate in geutai, to blow the minds of the audience will enjoy.      Please expect much!

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Cite: fumiyoshi ASAI / tsre otsuki Yuichi / Tomo: Shinsuke Saito / Waki Hosho kinya / wakitzre: obinata Yutaka, Mikuriya Makoto Shingo / abilities: Shigeyama thousand Saburo whistle: 杉市 Japanese drum: Narita tatsushi / percussion: Tetsuya Yamamoto / drums: Hiromi Nakada / geutai: fragments Mountain 9 right Mamoru gate, Yamazaki Masamichi, ally Gen, OE Nobuyuki, kuf University, Imamura, Tetsuro, Ueno, Yusuke, Yamada Kaoru / guardian: otsuki 文藏, Akamatsu, friend / commentary: Murakami flooding


TTR features Project Office / Maruo t. (g-ForestA) / Saki 永都 child (Margo)


2019/2/2 (Sat)

2/2 (Saturday) 14:00

* doors open time: 60 minutes before
* performances time between 2 hours 30 minutes

Ticket Fee

S seat (Adv): 6000 Yen
A reserved seat (Adv): 5000 Yen
B free seating (advance): 3000 Yen
1000 yen discount! A reserved seats 5000 Yen-> confetti (A) seat 4000 Yen!
(tax included)

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