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[12/1 (Saturday) 10 pm-additional premium tickets on sale! (Served)]

people's feelings, the mystery hidden. was found in the House of unpublished novelist who met with an accident in a
snowy mountains and artwork by fellow b shells. Why b shellfish should be parted by
once intimately than anyone else, and his fiancee lost artwork original artwork owned and--. that invites a guy like flame to
city red scarf wrapped around her. Thought troubled her not knowing no one. feelings of floating
Imperial although mystery spinner, South out of illustrations by the popular fountain and new editors, Kabuki actor: the Taisho Roman mystery

Kino (stage) and cinema (movies) project that will deliver.


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period: 11/3 (Saturday) 10 00-11-7-(Wednesday) 23: 59 [draw closes?
results announcements: 11/9 (Friday) "lottery results signaled"
* lottery results from my page please ensure.
ticketing period:
-credit card: 11/13 (Tuesday) 10:00-up to the event.
-eleven settlements: 11/9 (Friday) After the election notice-11/13 (Tuesday) 23:59

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Mizoguchi Taku arrows / Fujiwara, Masanori / ally Ryosuke / kujirai / KH 戸早 Princess / Miyaji flower cloth / Nojiri, Daisuke / shore, Takayuki Miyashita maika Souma Keisuke / / Hiroki AIBA (voice only) / Ensemble: Keita orihara, yokobori, Hideki, Otsu, Doo, hamakawa Yuji Naka


Story: Rock principle "怜々 collected tales" series (Inc. Libre) / stage direction: 八鍬 Ken-nosuke


2019/2/16 (Sat) 〜2019/2/27 (Wed)

[Kino (arena)]
2/16 (Saturday) 19:00
2/17 (Sunday) 13:30
2/18 (Monday) 19:00
2/19 (Tuesday) 19:00
2/20 (Wednesday) 19:00
2/22 (Friday) 13:30
2/23 (Saturday) 13:30 / 19:00
2/25 (Monday) 19:00
2/26 (Tuesday) 19:00
2/27 (Wednesday) 13:30

* doors will be offered, starting 30 minutes before
* Kino appointment duration: 140 minutes (including break)

Ticket Fee

Kino (stage) in General: 7800 Yen
-student tickets (day ticket): 3900 Yen
★ student tickets (day voucher) of purchase here
-Premium tickets (theater): 11000 yen (tax included)
[12/1 (Saturday) 10:00-add on sale! ]
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only canceled by (refund / cancellation information)
force majeure cases, the prescribed period within the principle with organizer mail-in rebate. (Please contact the above contact method of repayment performance may vary. )
however, in this case tickets for damage and loss, and flagrantly defaced the easily determine if all non-refundable. Also, three or four weeks to refund so may take some time.
the details of each concert, to decide as soon as your registration contact information via email please. Please note that for tickets purchased on this website, cancellation and refund are no and cannot be accepted.

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