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One musical "fairies in the wall'.

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This piece is from the premiere of the 4/1993 8/2007 from the Kiyama Office (, Kiyoshi Kiyama presided) of was presented as a production. Got the harukaze Hitomi, Mr. Yoshiyuki Fukuda's written and directed by and starring the awards, acclaimed double kinokuniya Theatre Award at the premiere. Then also won the award and performances across the country, counted 292 times in 14 years. And this masterpiece should convey to the next generation as a production company P, and this time developers piece of theatre that the 2 hours 30 minutes of solo musical, a new history.
1939 Spain civil war. Under the dictatorial regime, he continued seeking freedom, hiding behind the walls of the home for 30 years, the Socialists.
this historical, family love and conflict, harukaze Hitomi as a musical drama alone number will play the role.

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Harukaze Hitomi


Written and directed by: Fukuda goodness / production cooperation: forest: trees / choreography: Yukio ueshima / art: Ishii in vine / costumes: 料治 Mayumi, Yoko HIRONO / hair/makeup: Satoshi Morikawa / lighting: KUZU British / sound: Katsumi-Junichi and puppet manipulation: Shinji Aoki / shadow design: Hori Direct Akira / Assistant Director: Aida life / Director: Kenji Oshima / production: Matsui Nobuko / plan draft: fukuhara, k. / Management: forests: trees


2019/5/9 (Thu) 〜2019/5/12 (Sun)

5/9 (Thursday) 19:00
5/10 (Friday) 14:00
5/11 (Saturday) 14:00
5/12 (Sunday) 14:00

* doors open at the The concert begins 30 minutes before.
* running time 2 hours 30 minutes

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All seats are reserved seating (General): 6500 Yen
all seat specification (% of seniors (65 and older)): 5500 Yen
all seats reserved (U25%): 4500 Yen
1000 yen discount! General 6500 Yen-> confetti seat 5500 Yen!
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Organizations Overview

In 2008, Kiyama Office (late Kiyoshi Kiyama presiding) of actresses and staff are centering the establishment. Betsuyaku Minoru works are mainly staged Yoshiyuki Fukuda, Masataka Matsuda, ATO wisdom, Yutaka Takemoto and Ishihara natural old and new. On turmoil in mind while exploring the possibilities of theatrical culture of the "little theater", future world and age and always creating drama theater, hope that you want to be a team create a stir that shine both small.
'P', play, performance, produce, progressive, professional and prime, popular and pure, passion, poem, protest and peace ... Set of members but draws 'P' P company.


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