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Sasaki Atsushi shibasaki Naoko KANEHARA kazuteru / Poti / Tanaka poppo / Tsuji Nagisa / hosoya fumina / other


Video: Kaneko, Akihiko and [Director]: Tanaka Shin-ichi / [stage supervisor]: nagahori Ph.d. [lighting]: Atsushi Saegusa / [acoustic]: Sakuma Shuichi Kawamura Kazuhisa


2019/2/22 (Fri) 〜2019/2/24 (Sun)

2/22 (Friday) 19:30
23 (Saturday) 19:30
24 (Sunday) 15:30

* doors open, starting 30 minutes before.
* duration 2 hours scheduled

Ticket Fee

Free seating (General): 3000 Yen
all seats (students): 1500 Yen
1000 yen discount! 3000 Yen-> confetti seat 2000 yen!
(tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Under Kitazawa za suzunari


Organizations Overview

In 1987, Shigeo Makabe in the Center is raising an army, since the always experimental, progressive and innovative performance group to remain. Video projection, video, live cams and get rid of border between stage and auditorium stage by incorporating the came announcing works in a variety of styles. ZOO
in particular, debuted in the "cage" and "line of sight" series is confined to a "cage" audience the actors stare tens of minutes between the eyes of the audience, such as "this is the theatre?" and he groaned in the mass media, and attention.
many invited to the Festival in the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa, including overseas performances in 1994. In 1995, won the top prize in recently, completely eliminating the script multiple times to create a piece of 1. I continue to struggle with self, rejecting not aesthetic excellence
to indicate, especially doing something as a word meaning, interpretation, and analysis. to find the significance therein is disclosed only nuclear (live basis)


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