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Ancient Waka Yamato Queen legend
Nagusa Princess

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Nagusa Princess Theatre zero, found in Yamato have been handed long ancient Waka is created from Yamato Queen legend. It is women chiefs called
nagusa houses banks and real far BC nagusa County (present-day Wakayama city, Kainan-City).

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Fujimoto rie, Shimada t., Kawabata, and Yamada Koji / Ishimura Nagisa / Kinoshita SAE SATO / etc.


Great Shimada / naomori Ishihara, Masahiro medium


2019/3/2 (Sat)

3/2 (Saturday) 17:00

* opening is the start 30 minutes before.
* duration approximately 1 hour and a half

Ticket Fee

All seats free (Adv): ¥ 2000
1000 yen discount! 2000 yen-> confetti seats 1000 yen.
(tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Wakayama Shimin Kaikan


Organizations Overview

To send out into the world, created in 1989, the high-quality stage works of Tadashi Shimada mainly formed troupe. The masterpiece series Shakespeare etc.
Wakayama Prefecture cultural encouragement prize, Wakayama-City cultural award, and OMMA Award winner.


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