Japan Society of composers Conference
Kids BOX piano concert
For 34, children

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Performance content

At a concert piano by Member sculpted, consisting of solo and Duet. For new children born now, including composer interviews by MC Akira Asaoka works will be performed. Artwork for this year's "world community"

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Katsuki Osamu / hydrogeology Yumi / Yoshihisa, k. / fukasawa Mai / Nozawa Keiko / kitaura, people / Kinoshita Daisuke / Kato Yumi child / Suzuki Yutaka Yoshino / Imperial Naoto / izuta Keizo / Jun Takeuchi and others 28 composers


K. Hamada / Miyoshi AOI Springs / inland


2019/3/24 (Sun)

3/24 (Sunday) 14:00

* opening is the start 30 minutes before.
* duration 2 hours

Ticket Fee

Free seating (General): 2500 Yen
all seats unreserved (junior high school students and younger): 1000 yen
1000 yen discount! ¥ 2500-> confetti seat 1500 Yen!
(tax included)

+ Ticketing Fee


Kioi Hall


Organizations Overview

Japan Composers Association of 400 members in the Asian composers ' League of Japan Branch, and published many of the works not only in Japan but also in Asia.
to "children" JFC composition prize competition "modern traditions of Asia, Asia", "composers of Japan", every two years, wide range of activities.


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