Tribute to the legend decorate the Showa era star who prevent-fubuki koshiji shore Yoko, the peanuts, and momoe Yamaguchi-

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click here! tribute to the star's legendary decorates the

Showa to
-fubuki koshiji shore Yoko, the peanuts, and momoe Yamaguchi- tribute concert dedicated to the stars of the legendary history of

Showa, left a great achievement in the history of the song. Otodo eternal songs punctuated by rare episodes, such as the famous stars of the unknown.

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Izumi Yukimura were oginome Yoko sugita truth child / Emma played principle / jade Liu Ying / MC & vocals: Yuko DOI / guest: Norio Maeda (piano), Akitoshi Yoshitaka (piano) / talk guest: Masatoshi Sakai / Yu / on: masterpieces (Piano and arrangements), the special unit with Shino Gen 1 (keyboards/arrangements)


General Director: Sandy Tanaka Minoru / Director: k. Hamada


2018/6/29 (Fri)

6/29 (Friday) 18:30

* opening is the show 60 minutes.

Ticket Fee

only 16 members! s: 7500 Yen-> 5800 Yen and 4000 P get! (6/28 17:00 20 pm update)
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Bunkyo civic Hall


* Please refrain from entrance of preschool-age children.

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