Maki asami bareye Orchestra
"Asuka ASUKA]

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! Asuka is portrayed as the era a thriving Exchange

ancient Japan and the Mainland represents a
art, the Dragon and the human drama

Ancient Nara international rich culture flourished. the tale of the maiden loved the Dragon God, unfolds in a
ancient city.

Japan's traditional culture art and Ballet arts is a fusion, resonate in the hearts of people around the world an epic Ballet fantasy is born here.

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Virgo love kasugano, Svetlana lunkina and rocky foot: Ruslan SKVORTSOV / Dragon God: Kikuchi, and Maki asami bareye Orchestra


Conductor: David garforth / played: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra / revised direction / choreography: Maki asami


2018/8/25 (Sat) 〜2018/8/26 (Sun)

8/25 (Saturday) 15:00
8/26 (Sunday) 15:00

* opening is the start 45 minutes ago.

Ticket Fee

S:: 14000 Yen:
a: 12000 yen
B seating: 8000 Yen:
seats 6000 Yen:
D seats 3000 Yen
( All seats reserved, tax incl.)

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* Preschool children admission non-

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