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Musical play "Arc de Triomphe" - Erich Maria Remarque novel by - / show / pactionable "Gato Bonito!!" -Ghat bonito the beautiful cat-like man--Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre-


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kampo life Dream Theater
musical / play
" Arc de Triomphe '-by Erich Maria Remarque's novel--
Based on
ARC DE TRIOMPHE by Erich Maria Remarque
(C) Copyright 1945 by New York University, successor-in-interest to the literary rights of
The Estate of Paulet Te Goddard Remarque
Performed by permission of New York University, a successor-in-interest
to the lit erary rights of The Estate of Paulette Goddard Remarque
c/o Mohrbooks AG Literary Agency, Z & #252; rich, Swit zerland
through Tuttle-Mori Agency, Inc.., deceased was expelled from the Tokyo
screenplay / Shibata Yukihiro Director / choreographer / Xie Zhu Rong

country Lives of people gather, no. Second World War on the eve of Paris. Surgeons who have been in exile from Germany loving find love vivid helped friends Boris, while aimlessly looking for the enemy as dark days in... Music themed chanson people live well while at the mercy of the extreme hardship and Joan hope for loving to live in love and hard work. Become a replay of the long-awaited masterpiece musical gained cultural agency Arts Festival Theatre Excellence Award awarded Yu Todoroki premiered at the snow set in 2000 and starred, critically acclaimed.

kampo life Dream Theater
show, pactionable
"Gato Bonito!!" -Ghat bonito the beautiful cat-like man-means "lovely cat"
made in directing Fujii, Daisuke

Portugal: "Gato Bonito". Over the snowy pair students up from cats, such as the svelte poise filled with cool and quirky nature, grace hope sea 風斗 headed a quirky, glamorous and dramatic Latin show up on various occasions. Please enjoy the world of dreams the Takarazuka's gorgeous and hot.

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Loving: Yu Todoroki / Boris Morozov wanted sea 風斗 / Joan madzuu: true Aya Yuki sails



2018/7/27 (Fri) 〜2018/9/2 (Sun)

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7/31 (Tuesday) 18:30
8/9 (Thursday) 13:30
8/17 (Friday) 13:30
8/22 (Wednesday) 13:30
8/26 (Sunday) 11:00
8/29 (Wednesday) 13:30

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Tokyo Takarazuka theater


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