Oonuki Taeko Pure Acoustic 2018

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Pure Acoustic by the awaited String Quartet again!

in 1987, pop artists conducted a concert at Suntory Hall was only for the first time ever classic. but "PURE ACOUSTIC" concert began with
there is an annual concert for 23 years almost every year has been done as Kaneko Asuka (Vn) of major Member States starting 2009 performances last and now. as has been performed only once in the
2013, Kamakura, in that "PURE" transparent world, in about five years Buri's best musicians will be back.

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Oonuki Taeko / Fabian Reza Panel (Pf) / Hiroshi Yoshino (B) / ASKA strings: Kaneko Asuka (Vn), Yuko AISO (Vn), Shiga, Keiko (Vla), Nishitani Shepherd (Vc)



2018/3/24 (Sat)

3/24 (Saturday)
16:30 opening / 17:00 concert

Ticket Fee

All seats reserved: 6500 yen (tax included)
+ Ticketing Fee


Shinjuku Cultural Center main hall


* Please refrain from preschool children.
* wheelchair-accessible seats of your choice, please call us (03-3350-1141) to Shinjuku Bunka Center.

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