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confetti card at odds of winning 5 times!
* at time of purchase "credit card payment" select your
confetti card information you enter.

š ™ Lottery leading š ™
period: 12/25 (Moon ) 18: 00-Jan 3, (Wednesday) 23:59 [draw closes?
results announcements: 1/5 (Friday) ?results email sent: If credit card:

ticketing begins: 1/9 (Tuesday) 10:00-
, eleven payment: 1/5 (Friday) after winning notification-credit card:

reservation validity period for: picked up until the day of the performance for eleven settlements can be
: 1/9 (Tuesday) 23:59

* confetti points are eligible. use
points no points, as well as the non-grant.

"1 application per application only the first available
" 1 application per maximum number of four
"application unlimited number of times. However, multiple times your application we also raffle work when duplicates are removed and only one application and we will.
"before your registration membership registration (free) required
" application is not served during the reception meal. Please who can afford because we focus access
* deadline just before the reception.
"cannot change after reservation. Please be forewarned.
"lottery results are announced after the election, at the membership page confirmation available.
"purchase after cancellation or change is not.
tickets aimed at "commercial resale is strictly prohibited in any case.

? about tickets please contact
confetti ticket Center 0120-240-540 (reception hours flat, 10:00-18:00)

=== == == == == == == == ===========

"Cheer" theme of total entertainment Festival!

in "-Ken gmifes 2018.
Shin-Kiba Studio Coast to be held!

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Main stage MC Kanno result. / Assistant MC: Takiguchi Kirara, Hirai Kyo NAO / substage MC: cover up, Maria.-or (idle intelligence agencies LEVEL7) / AKB48 16th fiscal period students / Spa-Musume J ™ Dee ' Z / hot blooded! Of the ACTI. / BUZZ-ER / AMAZ night/MRATRIUM / Gustav choki cringes Shiina / DJ dainoji / FES TIVE / tsurupikari I / Dorothy Little Happy / Terashima Fumiko / * ChocoLate Bomb!



2018/2/18 (Sun)

2/18 (Sunday) 12:30 open / 13:00 start / 22:00 concert calendar

Ticket Fee

Premium tickets: 15000 Yen * rewards
confetti special price! standing: advance  5000-> 4500 Yen!
(standing / arrangement number / tax included)
* different drinks

premium ticket benefits
? priority admission
? Admission to the VIP area
main stage
-outdoor stage
?-Ken GM original toy
? limited edition T shirt
* Front of the stage near placed will be priority areas. Details will be announced website at a later date.

+ Ticketing Fee


Shinkiba Studio Coast


* cast changes and cancellations with refund and will not.

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