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The stage's old toy factory. Moving contact with humanoid robot doll doll was once the product continues to work "roboroid" won the emotions, closer to the human story.

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MIME: he can hang out, Wataru Okamura, Kei Tani s., ohkuma Ryutaro, kazunari Matsunaga / breakdance: KATSU, lead, YOPPY, touch-screens, huangyan, Jun ichi / magic: Atarashi vision, Sho Yamashita Keigo, Masaya Hashimoto, Matsuda Yuki / juggling: Ren, Shingo Sakata , Akira Watanabe, Akira 深河, Lisbon Ueda, Miyata, Naoto / doll: hiramoto Akane, Yuka hyoudo ?REI Marina, Yas Sasaki e, Nakamura and Ando Rika / * each part from the one the five appeared.


Director: on cake you / scenography Shibata, t.: film director Yoshimitsu Ching t. and 3DCG production: Ishibashi k. / music: Toyota Nana thousand Fu, Nishimura Jun, Shingo Mimura / choreography: ryohei Kondo, Maki Naoko / producer: Ohara Hiroshi Watari


2018/4/1 (Sun) 〜2018/9/30 (Sun)

long-run performance during the period-2018 年 9 月 20 日 (Sunday) published in the schedule.

every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 14 / 19:00
Sunday, holidays: 12 pm / 17:00
* show time There are 90-minute
* some shows time and day of the week subject to change. Please check the schedule for more information.

kids day no. 1. 3 Saturday afternoon daily No. 1 Monday night performances
gear performed 500 yen OFF

Ticket Fee

[All seats reserved, tax incl.]
General: 4200 Yen
college students and vocational school students and over 60 years old: 3200 Yen
high school students and younger: 2200 yen,

gear General: 3700 Yen
college students and vocational school students and over 60 years old: 2700 Yen
high school students and younger: 1700 Yen

* 4-5 years old free
* 3 years no admission (kids day only allowed)
+ Ticketing Fee


Kyoto gear Theater ART COMPLEX 1928


Organizations Overview

Japan, Japan as a non-verbal Entertainment's first 2012 long performances started. Limited Edition 100-seat theatre concert number 2000 times & tourism mobilization number of 150000 people to break through. As now revised, while evolving stage performances continues the long-run performance.


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